Puebla, how beautiful

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Puebla, how beautiful

Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, located in the centre of the country, will enchant you with its architecture, gastronomy and history.

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Image - Catedral de Puebla
Catedral de Puebla
Salomon Aguilar:I am sure you will be enchanted by the architecture of the city of Puebla, and the cathedral is a must visit, with its novo-hispanic design, two huge towers, amazing doors, and an interior decorated with high quality paintings and sculptures, you will be fascinated.
Image - Africam Safari
Africam Safari
Salomon Aguilar:If you are one of those people who want to see something different in a Zoo, this is the right place, all the species are in freedom, without cages, chains or any kind of prohibition; you can observe from elephants and giraffes, to tigers and lions, it is an adventure that you have to live, you can even observe them in a night adventure called "Night Safari", just as it would be in their natural habitat.
Image - Capilla del Rosario, Templo de Santo Domingo
Capilla del Rosario, Templo de Santo Domingo
Salomon Aguilar:Located two treets from the Zocalo of the capital, is the Capilla Del Rosario; this small chapel is one of the most amazing in the capital, and is dedicated to the Virgen Del Rosario, covered almost entirely with 24 carat gold, also adorned with 6 large linens, this chapel was considered the eighth wonder by Fray Diego de Gorozpe, discover the reason for yourself.
Image - Mercado de Sabores
Mercado de Sabores
Salomon Aguilar:If you want to enjoy the typical gastronomy of Puebla, the Mercado de Sabores is the right place, you can find the food you prefer to taste in its different locals. Cheer up, you will love the traditional food of Puebla.
Image - Historic area of ​​Los Fuertes
Historic area of ​​Los Fuertes
Salomon Aguilar:The Forts of Loreto and Guadalupe, is the place where the Battle of the 5th of May 1862 took place, a historical place with green areas to enjoy with the family, and at the same time, in the same area we can find a museum dedicated to such an important feat with incredible stories and photographs.
Image - Museo Regional De La Revolución Mexicana Casa De Los Hermanos Serdán
Museo Regional De La Revolución Mexicana Casa De Los Hermanos Serdán
Salomon Aguilar:If you want to know more about the Serdan Brothers and the Mexican Revolution, in the House of the Serdan Brothers you will find a place that will tell you the story of these three brothers who rebelled against the dictatorship, even with marks of the bullets of the machine guns, and videos about Mexican history, you will feel like you are travelling back in time.
Image - Cantona
Salomon Aguilar:An hour and a half from the capital of Puebla, is located one of the oldest and largest pre-Hispanic zones in Mexico, Cantona, with an extension of 453 hectares, it was one of the best distributed cities, and had around 90 thousand inhabitants. A great place you won't want to leave.
Image - Piramides Cholula
Piramides Cholula
Salomon Aguilar:Near the capital, is Cholula, place where is located an archaeological zone, full of history and a great pyramid at the end of the tour, you can enjoy the enigma that keeps the place, and also at the top of the hill, you can visit the Church of the Virgen de los Remedios, and enjoy the wonderful view of the city of Puebla and the Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl volcanoes.
Image - Museo Nacional De Los Ferrocarriles Mexicanos
Museo Nacional De Los Ferrocarriles Mexicanos
Salomon Aguilar:In this marvellous museum located in the historical centre of Puebla, you will find various models of old trains and railways that were used throughout the history of Mexico. This museum has been dedicated to the rescue, conservation, study and diffusion of the history, culture and technology of the railways. Come and learn a bit more about Mexican history.
Image - Ex Convento de Santa Rosa
Ex Convento de Santa Rosa
Salomon Aguilar:This place, built in the XVII century was home to Dominican nuns, then a temple dedicated to Santa Rosa de Lima (the first saint of the American continent), then it served as barracks, psychiatric hospital, neighbourhood and finally as a museum; and besides all that, the story goes that this place gave birth to a typical food called Mole, know this story and more about the Ex Convento de Santa Rosa.
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  1. Catedral de Puebla
  2. Africam Safari
  3. Capilla del Rosario, Templo de Santo Domingo
  4. Mercado de Sabores
  5. Historic area of ​​Los Fuertes
  6. Museo Regional De La Revolución Mexicana Casa De Los Hermanos Serdán
  7. Cantona
  8. Piramides Cholula
  9. Museo Nacional De Los Ferrocarriles Mexicanos
  10. Ex Convento de Santa Rosa

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