Puebla De Los Ángeles.

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Puebla De Los Ángeles.

Puebla is a city in the eastern central area of Mexico, southeast of Mexico City. It is known for its culinary history, colonial architecture and ceramics. Talavera painted pottery adorning several buildings is made locally. The Cathedral of Puebla, from the Renaissance period, has high bell towers

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Image - Restaurante Mi Ciudad La Isla de Angelópolis
Restaurante Mi Ciudad La Isla de Angelópolis
carmen sanchez olivares:poblana food restaurant. The taste and quality of the dishes is excellent. It is a good option in case you walk through the area of Angelópolis and surroundings. It is eaten very well and the portions are abundant, you are very satisfied. The atmosphere and the quality of the Service are better, in the one that is on Juarez Avenue. The prices are affordable and the price/quality ratio is good.
Image - Entre Tierras
Entre Tierras
carmen sanchez olivares:This restaurant is certainly a pleasure to the palate, great and innovative dishes of Mexican food author's food, congratulations to its highly recommended chef the cannellions stuffed with huazontle, Sarandeado octopus and the angus steak.. extraordinary combinations and delicacy in each dish, very good desserts! The place with an elegant décor and very friendly staff.. well deserved to be among the best restaurants in puebla, do not miss it.
Image - El Anafre Rojo
El Anafre Rojo
carmen sanchez olivares:Visiting Puebla is always a pleasure, and finding a place to taste exquisite dishes is sensational! We are very happy with his food, with the attentions of all the staff, especially José Luis, the manager who at all times is pending, without a doubt he is a plus for the restaurant, of course I will return and recommend it.
Image - Hotel NH Puebla Centro Histórico
Hotel NH Puebla Centro Histórico
carmen sanchez olivares:The location of the hotel is very good. It has parking, which is a huge plus in the center of that city. The room is very good size, the bedding is very comfortable. The bathroom is comfortable and with good amenities. The restaurant offers a basic breakfast service due to the pandemic, but it is enough.
Image - Azul Talavera Hotel
Azul Talavera Hotel
carmen sanchez olivares:Few hotels have a harmonious relationship between the old and comfort when traveling through colonial cities such as Puebla. The Hotel Azul Talavera becomes a harmonious space between its old house and the comfort of modern rooms and spaces full of art. Its gardens, its talavera art pieces and above all the kindness of the whole team made our stay a quality time. The view of its rooftop bar is fantastic to admire the beauty of a city.
Image - Casa Maria Paz Hotel boutique
Casa Maria Paz Hotel boutique
carmen sanchez olivares:The stay is wonderful. The decoration of the open spaces is great. The care received is excellent at all times. All the staff is attentive to your needs and always have a great attitude. Do not hesitate; this place is perfect to have a perfect stay in Puebla.
Image - Cerdo Picante
Cerdo Picante
carmen sanchez olivares:This is an interesting bar with live music although the area where the group plays is limited and usually fills up quickly, we are located in an alternate area and despite not being able to listen to the group it was a good place to spend some time and have a few drinks. Recommended the cocktails of the place.
Image - Sufrida Bar
Sufrida Bar
carmen sanchez olivares:If you're close to Templo de San Roque, visit this bar. Take the famous laing or tasty pizza offered by SuFrida. Visit this establishment and try a great beer. They have live music at night. Their service is always magnificent, don't forget. You will be surprised by their reasonable prices. In this place, your guests enjoy a charming atmosphere and divine decoration.
carmen sanchez olivares:Quiet place, fresh seafood and fabulous attention, affordable prices.
carmen sanchez olivares:Great place. Being buffet great variety, hygiene and cleanliness. Consumption on site, there is no takeout. Great taste in the food.
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  1. Restaurante Mi Ciudad La Isla de Angelópolis
  2. Entre Tierras
  3. El Anafre Rojo
  4. Hotel NH Puebla Centro Histórico
  5. Azul Talavera Hotel
  6. Casa Maria Paz Hotel boutique
  7. Cerdo Picante
  8. Sufrida Bar

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