Puebla and its Surroundings

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Alexis Crisanto

Puebla and its Surroundings

Alexis Sebastian Crisanto Guzman and Luis Andrés Coatl Tlatelpa

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My favourite places

I will show the best places to eat, walk and admire art.

Image - Porfirio's Puebla | Restaurante de comida mexicana
Porfirio's Puebla | Restaurante de comida mexicana
Alexis Crisanto:You will find a great variety of Mexican food and with a seasoning and you will love the decoration and atmosphere of this place
Image - Museo Internacional del Barroco
Museo Internacional del Barroco
Alexis Crisanto:one of the best places to fill yourself with culture and admire the more than 11 rooms where you can observe its more than 320 pieces of art including painting, sculpture, looms, decorative art, screens and furniture
Image - Catedral de Puebla
Catedral de Puebla
Alexis Crisanto:In this place you will find a great story after the construction of this church and how it was that originally Puebla had another name, and next to this beautiful construction you can find the zócalo of the city where you will be amazed with its beautiful natural areas and surroundings with restaurants and hotels undoubtedly the best place to spend with the family
Image - Africam Safari
Africam Safari
Alexis Crisanto:A nice family place where you can observe all kinds of natives and live with them, it is a beautiful place to spend a family Sunday
Image - Zona Arqueológica de Cholula
Zona Arqueológica de Cholula
Alexis Crisanto:A place full of culture I have history located in San Pedro Cholula 20 min by car we will find the archaeological zone a place where you can fill yourself with knowledge about the civilization that inhabits our state, you will also find a beautiful church with a Beautiful view of the city and to finish and take more knowledge you can visit the museum located next to the pyramids where it will tell you about its discovery and its times of glory
Image - Centro Comercial Angelopolis
Centro Comercial Angelopolis
Alexis Crisanto:A very pleasant area where you will find the best brand stores, squares, and supermarkets with international products. Also in this area you will find a very beautiful attraction called Estrella de Puebla, a ferris wheel that is considered the largest in America
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Image - Zócalo de Atlixco
Zócalo de Atlixco
Alexis Crisanto:In the zócalo of this place you will be amazed at the great variety of flowers that people sell and at a good price, you will also find a church with a beautiful facade and around these restaurants with typical food of the region
Image - Atlixco
Alexis Crisanto:About 30 minutes from the city of Puebla we will find Atlixco a beautiful place full of culture and beautiful flowers from there, derived from its name Atlixco de las Flores
Image - Cerro de San Miguel
Cerro de San Miguel
Alexis Crisanto:Here you will find a church in honor of San Miguel which is located in the heart of the city and in this a former convent with the characteristics of a medieval castle. The hill has witnessed the entire life of Atlixco and its inhabitants. It is a hill that contains mysteries, energies, keeps voices of time, witness to the transformation of the city and its people.
Alexis Crisanto:undoubtedly a place full of emotions for the bravest where you can perform activities such as jumping from a plane and falling with your eyes a good option if you like extreme emotions
Image - San Baltazar Atlimeyaya
San Baltazar Atlimeyaya
Alexis Crisanto:Atlimeyaya, an ideal place to spend a weekend with the family. This town belongs to the Tianguismanalco municipality, and is very popular for its aquaculture fish farms. You can take one of the guided tours of the trout farms. The producers will take the time to explain all the details about trout farming. You can also go for a horse ride or rent a cabin and rest quietly on the edge of a stream. Walk through the town and visit its beautiful church, or take time to visit the Enchanted Waterfall, which is very close to the hatcheries. Another little-known attraction has to do with UFO sightings, if you ask the locals they will tell you endless anecdotes. They will even tell you how to get to the UFO hill.

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  1. Porfirio's Puebla | Restaurante de comida mexicana
  2. Museo Internacional del Barroco
  3. Catedral de Puebla
  4. Africam Safari
  5. Zona Arqueológica de Cholula
  6. Centro Comercial Angelopolis
  7. Zócalo de Atlixco
  8. Atlixco
  9. Cerro de San Miguel
  11. San Baltazar Atlimeyaya

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