"Puebla- a beautiful city"

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Miguel Alejandro Peralta Rodríguez

"Puebla- a beautiful city"

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Image - Chili's
Miguel Alejandro Peralta:It is one of the most recommended restaurants to visit, since it has delicious dishes at a reasonable price
Image - Val'Quirico
Miguel Alejandro Peralta:It is a beautiful place, where you can spend an afternoon surrounded by music, a family atmosphere, excellent food and beautiful views.
Image - Catedral de Puebla
Catedral de Puebla
Miguel Alejandro Peralta:A beautiful architecture to connect with God and witness masses, on some days at night, they present a show with lights outside the cathedral, which tells how the Puebla cathedral was built
Image - Centro Comercial Angelopolis
Centro Comercial Angelopolis
Miguel Alejandro Peralta:One of the most visited shopping centers in Puebla due to its amazing structure, high comfort and a wide variety of stores where you can buy all kinds of things. At Christmas time the atmosphere is wonderful because they throw foam simulating snow, it is something magical
Image - Solesta
Miguel Alejandro Peralta:In my opinion it is a glamorous shopping center, with outdoor areas, it has a city market, clothing and footwear stores and luxurious restaurants.
Image - Africam Safari
Africam Safari
Miguel Alejandro Peralta:A beautiful place to take your children to be amazed by the wonderful animals that the zoo cares for, an unforgettable experience
Image - Izta-popo
Miguel Alejandro Peralta:Taking an excursion through Izta-Popo is one of the most amazing things because when we reach the top we have an amazing view, you must go prepared since it is a long journey, but it is totally worth it.
Image - Capilla del Rosario, Templo de Santo Domingo
Capilla del Rosario, Templo de Santo Domingo
Miguel Alejandro Peralta:Es uno de los lugares mas bellos por visitar en Cholula Puebla, se encuentra situada a lo alto de una montaña, en la cual puedes detenerte para observar toda la ciudad y el hermoso atardecer
Image - Estadio Cuauhtémoc
Estadio Cuauhtémoc
Miguel Alejandro Peralta:If you are a soccer lover, this is definitely one of the places you have to go when you go to Puebla, because being able to enjoy a game and with the atmosphere of the people is incredible and the stadium is a very well done architecture
Image - Antigua Taquería La Oriental
Antigua Taquería La Oriental
Miguel Alejandro Peralta:If you like oriental food or want to try something new, this restaurant is ideal, the food is amazing and it is something that will leave you surprised
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  1. Chili's
  2. Val'Quirico
  3. Catedral de Puebla
  4. Centro Comercial Angelopolis
  5. Solesta
  6. Africam Safari
  7. Izta-popo
  8. Capilla del Rosario, Templo de Santo Domingo
  9. Estadio Cuauhtémoc
  10. Antigua Taquería La Oriental

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