Pringgabaya Gelamang.

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Khairil Anwar

Pringgabaya Gelamang.

not only vacation. You can also see the life of Lombok people more closely, playing and learning together. and you can also know the good and bad sides of Lombok and Lombok Culture.

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Image - Gili Kondo
Gili Kondo
Khairil:gili kondo is one of the most beautiful island without occupant.This location is not far from our home, and also this location is one of the destinations with white sand, this location is often made as a campsite with friends. not far from Gili Kondo we also have a location where to learn and play with the children
Image - Gili Air
Gili Air
Khairil:Gili Air is my work place for along time ago, been working for the 5 years make me love it this island much, the best thing to do is Snorkeling, chilling, playing. Gili Air is more quite place than Gili Trawangan.
Image - Sade Village
Sade Village
Image - Mount Rinjani
Mount Rinjani
Khairil:Mount Rinjani is beautiful mount you must see. the location is not really far from home, is will take few minutes to sembalun.
Image - Pink Beach
Pink Beach
Image - Gili Petagan
Gili Petagan
Khairil:gili petagan. the location where we take the mangrove for plant thousand mangrove for the beach area in Lombok. a island mangrove rarely visited by people. because not many people know this location. The location is adjacent to the play and learn place with the children in Sambelia.
Image - Air Terjun Jeruk manis
Air Terjun Jeruk manis
Khairil:Jeruk manis is location close on the mountain with waterfall. and here we have closenes with the children also head village and society. this location we visit as a teaching, play and learn with the children.
Image - Base Camp Pringgabaya Gelamang.
Base Camp Pringgabaya Gelamang.
Khairil:Not only holidays, you can also play and learn together with village children, we have activities for childrens who live in villages, carry out tree planting activities, play and learn together. hopefully you are part of us. not only on vacation you can also play with them, and share your knowledge with them.
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Wonderguide map

  1. Gili Kondo
  2. Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu Waterfall
  3. Gili Air
  4. Sade Village
  5. Mount Rinjani
  6. Pink Beach
  7. Gili Petagan
  8. Air Terjun Jeruk manis
  9. Pringgasela Hand Weaving
  10. Base Camp Pringgabaya Gelamang.

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