Prague: A first time guide

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Prague: A first time guide

We got a great deal on flights but were pleasantly surprised by the cost when we got there. We ate at whatever restaurant looked good and everything was very reasonably priced. Overall, I’d put it in the ££ category. They use Czech Koruna as the main currency although some places to accept euros too

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Sleeping, Dining & Drinking

Image - Hotel Motel One Prag
Hotel Motel One Prag
Beth:I booked Motel One in Prague after spending a lot of time staying at the one in London. The rooms were 89 euros per night, they have a gin bar within the hotel. They are very modern clean and stylish and it’s around ten minutes’ walk to the Old Town Square and around 20/25 to the Charles Bridge.
Image - Black Angel's Bar
Black Angel's Bar
Beth:The Black Angel Bar is amazing for drinks – and you have to go. Created in the 1930’s the underground bar will make you feel like you’re living through the prohibition. With no photos allowed and very strict set of house rules the experience is almost magical. You’ll be given a front row seat at the bar and you can choose from an exhaustive list of cocktails/drinks or just explain to the bar tender what you like and they’ll make one for you. I asked for a combined French 75 and French Martini and it was honestly the best thing I’ve ever tasted.
Image - Beer and Wine Spa - Lázně Pramen Prague
Beer and Wine Spa - Lázně Pramen Prague
Beth:We also tried one of the Beer and Wine Spa’s in Prague which was an interesting experience. It started with a gentle massage whilst one of us sat on a straw bed in the same room (yep that bit was a little uncomfortable) then we were taken to another room with another straw bed, and two tubs (you can get in individually or together) and enjoy a bath in either wine or beer, whilst drinking more wine, or beer. Not from the tub. It was actually a funny experience and if you have enough time to whilst you’re there it’s worth giving it a go. The one we went to was Lazne Pramen.
Image - Cathedral Café
Cathedral Café
Beth:If you’re into beautiful interiors/exteriors this place is stunningly beautiful with great food. We tried out both breakfast and dinner here and they were both delicious with a great priced bill. This is right in the centre of Prague and make sure you grab a seat outdoors
Image - L'Osteria
Beth:You can’t go wrong with pizza, right? Well the L’Osteria restaurant is stunning; the service is great and the wine was delicious. We were warned the pizzas were enormous and we should share but when your eyes are bigger than your belly you never listen to such warnings. The good news is they box it up for you to take away too!
Image - M1 Lounge Bar & Club
M1 Lounge Bar & Club
Beth:Overall, Prague is now one of my favourite cities. If you’re into the clubbing scene there are some fabulous bars and clubs (and shisha clubs) but they don’t really get started until around midnight. Take your time there, it’s clean, easy to get around, beautiful and well-priced (along with us feeling constantly safe). If you’re thinking about going I’d say to do it!
Image - Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge
Beth:The Vltava is the main river in Prague, it’s beautiful and the Charles Bridge and many others cross it. If you’re visiting Prague in the summer it’s extremely hot, and land locked. You can rent a pedalo for around 15 euros for an hour and it’s a lovely experience to be able to peddle right up to the Charles Bridge.
Image - Prague Castle
Prague Castle
Beth:For the remainder of your time there, walk around, enjoy Prague there is lots of things to do. Make sure you give yourself enough time on the Charles Bridge; it’s very busy but there is usually live music and performers on there. Take the time to travel up to the castle (via tram!) it’s magnificent and there are amazing views of Prague from there. Make sure you see the changing of the guard too. It’s fantastic.
Image - Rental boats and pedal boats Slovanka
Rental boats and pedal boats Slovanka
Beth:Must do if you’re there in the summer. Gorgeous way to sunbathe and enjoy the river!
Image - Boat Party Prague
Boat Party Prague
Beth:Good fun if you’re looking for a laugh...
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  6. M1 Lounge Bar & Club
  7. Charles Bridge
  8. Prague Castle
  9. Rental boats and pedal boats Slovanka
  10. Boat Party Prague

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