Prague - a different romantic story

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Gergana Milanova

Prague - a different romantic story

A wonderful place, where only good company, appropriate map and positive vibe are best companions.

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Image - Letná Zahradní restaurace
Letná Zahradní restaurace
Gergana:It's a great place to grab a beer on a sunny day, enjoying a panoramic view over the city.
Image - Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge
Gergana:A very romantic place filled with history, positivity and feelings that cannot be described.
Image - Petrin Tower
Petrin Tower
Image - Menza Strahov
Menza Strahov
Gergana:A great place to relax after a long walk and get energized with some typical delicious cuisine.
Image - Merlin
Image - Grotta
Gergana:A place in the city, that makes you feel far away from reality.
Image - National Monument on Vítkov
National Monument on Vítkov
Gergana:One of the 5 hills, from where one can see the beauty of Prague and learn more about its history.
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Wonderguide map

  1. Phill's Twenty7
  2. Letná Zahradní restaurace
  3. Charles Bridge
  4. Petrin Tower
  5. Menza Strahov
  6. Boomerang Coffee Roastery
  7. Merlin
  8. Grotta
  9. National Monument on Vítkov
  10. Waldstein Palace

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