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Melissa Douglas


My guide to the best spots in Lagos

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My Recommendations

Image - Lagos
Image - Praia da Luz
Praia da Luz
Melissa:This beach is like a Caribbean one the sand is perfect 馃槏
Image - Praia do Camilo
Praia do Camilo
Melissa:You can get awesome pics on the steps here and little hidden caves too!
Image - Student Beach
Student Beach
Image - Ponta da Piedade
Ponta da Piedade
Melissa:The views from here were unreal!!
Image - Benagil Caves
Benagil Caves
Melissa:The most beautiful spot I know! Quite hard to get to though!
Image - St Vincent's Anglican Chaplaincy West
St Vincent's Anglican Chaplaincy West
Melissa:Such a pretty church right next to the beach!
Image - Hotel Luz Bay
Hotel Luz Bay
Melissa:We stayed here for super cheap and it was so pretty for the price we paid and very good staff and right next to a beautiful beach and bars! Like a hidden gem馃拵
Image - Restaurante, Bar, Para铆so da Luz
Restaurante, Bar, Para铆so da Luz
Melissa:We eat here on our last night and the sunset was beautiful and the steak was just unreal! Not too pricey either!
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Wonderguide map

  1. Lagos
  2. Praia da Luz
  3. Praia do Camilo
  4. Student Beach
  5. Ponta da Piedade
  6. Benagil Caves
  7. Igreja de Santo Ant贸nio
  8. Castle of Governors
  9. St Vincent's Anglican Chaplaincy West
  10. Hotel Luz Bay
  11. Restaurante, Bar, Para铆so da Luz

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