Porto - the 'Invicta' city

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Porto - the 'Invicta' city

Porto 'the unvanquished city' as it's known for, has become a hotspot in Europe over the last 5 years. This mystical city has the best deal on offer from sandy beaches to historical sites, vibrant Riverside, food and wine! Want to know more? Well don't panic, this homie girl has got you covered!

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Things to do and in Porto city centre and surroundings.

Image - Livraria Lello
Livraria Lello
Inês:Considered to be one of the most beautiful bookshops in the entire world, Livraria Lello is an immersion of national and international culture and history! The building itself tells a lot about it, with a touch of Art Noveau and an eclectic interior decoration, this place is an inspiration for artists, historians, photographers and bookworms.
Image - Douro Riverside
Douro Riverside
Inês:All roads lead to Douro river, there is no escape! This is probably the most iconic Porto's highlight. There is no better way to get the most of this place rather than grabbing a drink in one of the river facing cafes and let yourself go with breeze.
Image - Clérigos Church + Clérigos Tower
Clérigos Church + Clérigos Tower
Inês:Clerigos is a compilation of museum, tower and church all in the same landmark. Dated back to the 18th century, it is easy to see the baroque style portrayed on its facade. The tower is 75m high, has 225 steps and you can climb it up to the top to get a sensational 360 view of Porto for free! This feature is opened from early morning to 11pm.
Image - Leça Swimming Pools
Leça Swimming Pools
Inês:Need to chill down? Head to this blissful freshwater swimming pool just 15 minutes away from Porto city centre by car. Hey, and if you are a surf enthusiast, look out for the waves 'cause they won't stop coming! Grab your board and have an epic out in the water.
Image - Majestic Café
Majestic Café
Inês:I put Majestic down on "Places to Explore" because it is more than just an ordinary cafe. As you walk in, you can feel the "La Belle Epoque" glamour in the air and hear the perfect jazz beat taking you back to the golden 20s. But there is more to it; back to 1991, the renowned best selling writer J.K. Rowling spent a big part of her time at the Majestic cafe working on her first book "Harry Poter and the Philosopher's Stone".
Image - Porto São Bento
Porto São Bento
Inês:Sao Bento Railway station is astonishingly beautiful. Well-known for its walls of Portuguese tiles that make up the interior decoration of this 20th-century building, this superb landmark tells a lot about Portugal's story. Quick fact: It took about 11 years (1905-1916) for the tile work to be completed!
Image - Porto Cathedral
Porto Cathedral
Inês:Beautiful Romanesque Cathedral built between the 12th and 13th century located in one of the most beautiful and old Porto's neighbourhood.
Image - Ramos Pinto
Ramos Pinto
Inês:Ramos Pinto is the last standing Portuguese owned Wine cellar among all others cellars you walk by in Porto. The house was established in 1880 by Adriano Ramos Pinto and has been opened for business since then. Let me tell you something, the wine tour is so worth doing! The guide takes you to see the upper chambers of the house and makes his way down to the underground caves where they keep hundreds of wine casks. But it does not end there, 'cause after all of that walk and talk, you will be served with 3 splendid wine samples to taste. Fancy isn't it?
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Best rated restaurants and cafes for every hungry moment in Porto!

Image - Zenith - Brunch & Cocktails Bar
Zenith - Brunch & Cocktails Bar
Inês:Serving the best brunches in town with plenty of healthy, nutritious and delicious options to choose from! Vegan and Vegetarian options available.
Image - Amorino (Porto - Carmelitas)
Amorino (Porto - Carmelitas)
Inês:If someone is looking like they are about to eat a flower, don't panic 'cause it's probably Amorino's flower-shaped ice-cream. I know right? These guys make delicious handmade Italian ice-cream with endless flavours to choose from! The flower-shaped gelato looks like a piece of art, so beautiful! It is a must-try over and over again.
Image - Da Terra
Da Terra
Inês:Probably the most well-known vegetarian/vegan place to eat in Porto. They offer a gourmet buffet with so many fancy-looking foods and tastes from cuisines all over the world. I might be biased but this is my top plant-based choice to go for lunch. On the other hand, if you don't feel like eating from the buffet, you can choose from options a la carte, speciality teas, cakes and soups. The price is fairly reasonable when taking into account the huge variety and the high quality of food being served.
Image - Brasão Cervejaria Coliseu Baixa
Brasão Cervejaria Coliseu Baixa
Inês:Let's talk about "francesinha", a typical Portuguese dish made up of thick sandwich bread filled with all kinds of meat, sausages, cured-ham, steak, eggs, covered in melted cheese with a hot tomato sauce and beer on top. Not to talk about the fries on the side of course! With all of this said, if you are feeling brave enough to give this peculiar dish a try, I recommend Brasao as your to-go restaurant and please, don't forget to order a 'cerveja' or aka beer to make this a very typical Portuguese meal!


Portuguese people have a serious thing for rooftop bars! Here are some of the best in town.

Image - Graça Rooftop Bar
Graça Rooftop Bar
Inês:Very chilled and cosy rooftop in the heart of Porto. No need for fancy dressing, just good vibes!
Image - Espaço Porto Cruz
Espaço Porto Cruz
Inês:Perhaps the busiest rooftop bar in Porto on top of wine cellar's Porto Cruz. It offers a fantastic 360 view of the entire city at night plus amazing wine!
Image - 17th Restaurant & Bar
17th Restaurant & Bar
Inês:Located in downtown Porto, this place is perfect for an after-hour drink with friends and family.
Image - PortoBello Rooftop Restaurant & Bar
PortoBello Rooftop Restaurant & Bar
Inês:A step up in the rooftop game! Perhaps one of the best-decorated rooftop bars in Porto. It's simply so delicate and stylish, worth a visit!


Top tours to discover Porto's stunning landscape

Wonderguide map

  1. Livraria Lello
  2. Douro Riverside
  3. Clérigos Church + Clérigos Tower
  4. Leça Swimming Pools
  5. Majestic Café
  6. Porto São Bento
  7. Porto Cathedral
  8. Ramos Pinto
  9. Zenith - Brunch & Cocktails Bar
  10. Amorino (Porto - Carmelitas)
  11. Da Terra
  12. Brasão Cervejaria Coliseu Baixa
  13. Graça Rooftop Bar
  14. Espaço Porto Cruz
  15. 17th Restaurant & Bar
  16. PortoBello Rooftop Restaurant & Bar

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