Porto, Portugal

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Porto, Portugal

A guide to your trip to Porto, Portugal, a city full of colour, warm weather and endless places to explore.

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My Recommendations

Image - Tapas N’ Friends
Tapas N’ Friends
Pint Sized:Great opinions for vegetarians and convenient as it’s next to the all the sights.
Image - Nonna Piazza
Nonna Piazza
Image - Selina Porto
Selina Porto
Pint Sized:Looking for a tasty breakfast? Look no further!
Image - Base Porto
Base Porto
Pint Sized:Great vibe and drinks! Perfect for the Summer!
Image - Funicular dos Guindais
Funicular dos Guindais
Pint Sized:Putting the fun in funicular...
Image - Porto São Bento
Porto São Bento
Pint Sized:A hidden gem for taking photos in and appreciation the tradition blue tiles!
Image - Steak n Shake
Steak n Shake
Image - Da Terra
Da Terra
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Wonderguide map

  1. Tapas N’ Friends
  2. Nonna Piazza
  3. Selina Porto
  4. Base Porto
  5. Funicular dos Guindais
  6. Porto São Bento
  7. Steak n Shake
  8. Livraria Lello
  9. Presto Pizza Baixa
  10. Spirito Cupcakes & Coffee
  11. Da Terra
  12. Amorino (Porto - Carmelitas)

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