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PortAventura World

3 parks, new worlds to discover, the biggest roller coasters, great shows, gastronomy, hotels, special seasons and more. Welcome to PortAventura World, one of the more important turistic resort in Europe and the first one from Spain.

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PortAventura Park: 6 fascinating worlds

From the Far West to China going through Polynesia and having fun in Sésame Street. These are the best rides and roller coasters.

Image - Shambhala
Rubén García:Used to be the tallest and biggest roller coaster in Europe. With a height of 76 metres, nowadays it's one of the most important coasters in this theme park.
Image - Street Mission
Street Mission
Rubén García:Inaugurated in 2019, Street Mission is the first Sesame Street's themed dark-ride in Europe. Enjoy finding and collecting the missed cookies.
Image - Stampida
Rubén García:Grab your horses and prepare yourself for a race. The Cramberry’s and The Connery’s will fight in a duel and just one will win. Pick a colour and good luck.
Image - Tutuki Splash
Tutuki Splash
Rubén García:Welcome to Polynesia. You are on an expedition but the volcano is erupting and it won't stop. His lava will slide you down the slope. Please, beware and enjoy your ride
Image - Furius Baco
Furius Baco
Rubén García:An inventor has created a wine-powered barrel conveyor machine but something has gone wrong. This roller coaster will throw you at 135km/h in 3 just seconds.
Image - Hurakan Condor
Hurakan Condor
Rubén García:This freefall ride has a 100 metres height. Inspired in the world of the aztec culture from México, the God Hurakan will unleash all his fury and anger.
Image - Dragon Khan
Dragon Khan
Rubén García:Beside Shambhala, this roller coaster is really important in this theme park too. Opened in 1995, Dragon Khan was the coaster with more loopings in the world.
Image - Templo Del Fuego
Templo Del Fuego
Rubén García:An intrepid explorer has found and old sacred temple and he is trying to steal the treasures. A curse will be unleashed and everything will burn in flames. Try to escape.
Image - Grand Canyon Rapids
Grand Canyon Rapids
Rubén García:Yee Haw! Sail the river and discover the Grand Canyon. This water attraction is very popular in some theme parks.
Image - El Diablo - Tren de la Mina
El Diablo - Tren de la Mina
Rubén García:El Diablo is an old silver mine from México and someday their workers were lost and dissapeared forever. Do you dare to enter?
Image - Angkor: Adventure in the Lost Kingdom
Angkor: Adventure in the Lost Kingdom
Rubén García:Some legends says this is a magic place. Take a boat and explore this kingdom losted in the asian jungle.
Image - The Cursed Island
The Cursed Island
Rubén García:Just during Halloween season, a cursed island appears in PortAventura Park. In this maze, terriyfing creatures will chase you.
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PortAventura Park: Shows

Besides the rides, PortAventura Park offers so many great shows. There are some.

Image - Gran Teatro Imperial
Gran Teatro Imperial
Rubén García:Enjoy this large format musical show in the Gran Teatro. This show changes every special season and every year.
Image - Bang Bang West
Bang Bang West
Rubén García:Bang Bang West is a stunt show themed in the Far West. Some thiefs want to steal the money's bank but their soldiers will fight.
Image - Makumanu Show - birds of paradise
Makumanu Show - birds of paradise
Rubén García:Discover some exotical birds from the Polynesia in this classic show with the great Paco Navarro.
Image - Mediterranean Lake
Mediterranean Lake
Rubén García:Every night during Summer, Halloween and Christmas season this lake become in a big pyromusical to end the day.

Caribe Aquatic Park

This is the second park from PortAventura World and only opens from May to September.

Image - King Khajuna
King Khajuna
Rubén García:This is the biggest water slide from Caribe Aquatic Park with 31 metres from height.
Image - Ciclón Tropical
Ciclón Tropical
Rubén García:Next to King Khajuna, we have Ciclón Tropical which is the second one from this park.
Image - Mambo & Limbo
Mambo & Limbo
Rubén García:Some classic water slides and really funny for the youngest ones and also adults.
Image - El Gran Caribe
El Gran Caribe
Rubén García:This is an indoor zone with swimming pools and slides. Years ago, used to open all year.
Image - El Río Loco
El Río Loco
Rubén García:Enjoy this calm ride in your float inside this river.
Image - The Torrent
The Torrent
Rubén García:Another funny water slide for everyone in the family.
Image - Playa Paraiso
Playa Paraiso
Rubén García:If you need some relax, this is the biggest swimming pool.
Image - El Triangulo de las Bermudas
El Triangulo de las Bermudas
Rubén García:If you want to jump some waves, this pool is perfect for you.

Ferrari Land

The 3rd park is Ferrari Land: themed in the world of Ferrari and Italia

Image - Red Force
Red Force
Rubén García:Feel the speed from Ferrari in this launched roller coaster with 112 m
Image - Flying Dreams
Flying Dreams
Rubén García:Travel the world flying in this great 4D simulator
Image - Maranello Grand Race
Maranello Grand Race
Rubén García:For the child ones, they will enjoy this race.
Image - Racing Legends
Racing Legends
Rubén García:Another 4D simulator but this time, you will be inside a Ferrari

PortAventura World Hotels

This resort has 6 themed hotels for a complete experience.

Image - PortAventura Hotel Colorado Creek
PortAventura Hotel Colorado Creek
Rubén García:Take some peace in this hotel (****) opened in 2019.
Image - PortAventura Hotel PortAventura
PortAventura Hotel PortAventura
Rubén García:This hotel (****) is themed in a Mediterranian village and it's next to PortAventura Park.
Image - PortAventura Hotel Gold River
PortAventura Hotel Gold River
Rubén García:Feel like a cowboy in this big hotel (****) situated in PortAventura's Far West zone
Image - PortAventura Hotel Lucy's Mansion
PortAventura Hotel Lucy's Mansion
Rubén García:If you need something luxorious this hotel (*****) is perfect for you.
Image - PortAventura Hotel Caribe
PortAventura Hotel Caribe
Rubén García:Enjoy the caribbean sea and relax yourself in this hotel (****).
Image - PortAventura Hotel El Paso
PortAventura Hotel El Paso
Rubén García:This hotel (****) is themed in México and perfect for families.
Image - INFINITUM Beach Club
Rubén García:PortAventura World has a lumine and beach club situated in Salou.
Image - PortAventura Parking Caravaning
PortAventura Parking Caravaning
Rubén García:If you like caravaning, they have a parking too.

PortAventura World: Restaurants

Try the best gastronomy from around the world in their restaurants.

Image - La Cantina
La Cantina
Rubén García:The biggest restaurant is La Cantina and you could eat some mexican food.
Image - Racó De Mar
Racó De Mar
Rubén García:In Racó De Mar, you will taste the best Mediterranian gastronomy next to the lake.
Image - Bora Bora
Bora Bora
Rubén García:Flavours from Polynesia highlight in this restaurant. Here you can try a pineapple burger.
Image - Cavallino Restaurant
Cavallino Restaurant
Rubén García:The most important restaurant from Ferrari Land is Cavallino and they cook italian food.
Image - La Hacienda El Charro
La Hacienda El Charro
Rubén García:It's kinda similar to La Cantina but a little more chic and peaceful.
Image - Marco Polo
Marco Polo
Rubén García:Try the best chinese food in this self-service restaurant.
Image - The Old Steak House
The Old Steak House
Rubén García:Enjoy some american burgers and hot-dogs here.
Image - Reggae Café
Reggae Café
Rubén García:The best food from Caribe Aquatic Park is here.

Wonderguide map

  1. Shambhala
  2. Street Mission
  3. Stampida
  4. Tutuki Splash
  5. Furius Baco
  6. Hurakan Condor
  7. Dragon Khan
  8. Templo Del Fuego
  9. Grand Canyon Rapids
  10. El Diablo - Tren de la Mina
  11. Angkor: Adventure in the Lost Kingdom
  12. The Cursed Island
  13. Gran Teatro Imperial
  14. Bang Bang West
  15. Makumanu Show - birds of paradise
  16. Mediterranean Lake
  17. King Khajuna
  18. Ciclón Tropical
  19. Mambo & Limbo
  20. El Gran Caribe
  21. El Río Loco
  22. The Torrent
  23. Playa Paraiso
  24. El Triangulo de las Bermudas
  25. Red Force
  26. Flying Dreams
  27. Maranello Grand Race
  28. Racing Legends
  29. PortAventura Hotel Colorado Creek
  30. PortAventura Hotel PortAventura
  31. PortAventura Hotel Gold River
  32. PortAventura Hotel Lucy's Mansion
  33. PortAventura Hotel Caribe
  34. PortAventura Hotel El Paso
  35. INFINITUM Beach Club
  36. PortAventura Parking Caravaning
  37. La Cantina
  38. Racó De Mar
  39. Bora Bora
  40. Cavallino Restaurant
  41. La Hacienda El Charro
  42. Marco Polo
  43. The Old Steak House
  44. Reggae Café

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