Port Louis - A French Capital of Mauritius

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Port Louis - A French Capital of Mauritius

Port Louis, the national capital of Mauritius, enjoys a tropical climate through the year. The average temperatures are around 24 °C year-round. If you love rains, December to April are the wet months. If you are looking for plenty of Sun, May to November is the dry season.

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Where to Look out for Accommodation

These two establishments give you a different experience

Image - Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort
Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort
Kyna:Outrigger Beach Resort" (outrigger-resort), located in Bel Ombre nature reserve. The most intriguing part of Outrigger was that they have a lively “Coral Kids club”. The club has several activities specially designed for kids, ranging from Mehndi making, Jewellery design, drawings & sketches, pool activities, splashing, dance and more. Your kid would enjoy the activities while you can sneak into a relaxing spa session or indulge in some water sports.
Image - The Address Boutique Hotel
The Address Boutique Hotel
Kyna:Nestled between the lagoon and the river, the 4 star Address Boutique Hotel offers modern amenities to its travellers.
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Bus Transportation

Image - Victoria Metro Station
Victoria Metro Station
Kyna:Victoria Station is used by buses to and from the eastern and southern areas and the Plaines Wilhems district. Immigration Square, also known as Gare du Nord, is a terminus for buses coming from the northern districts of Pamplemousses and Rivière du Rempart.

Places to Visit

Image - Caudan Waterfront
Caudan Waterfront
Kyna:The modern waterfront is famous for being a shopping and entertainment complex. It has a wide array of shops, a casino, movie theatres, a historical museum, a craft market and a marina, and hosts regular live street entertainment. The famous coffee shops serves sugarcane coffee that is a must have and my personal favourite.
Image - Blue Penny Museum
Blue Penny Museum
Kyna:The museum is one of the most famous cultural establishments of Port Louis. It has an exquisite heritage collection that narrates the story of Mauritius.
Image - Rivulet Terre Rouge Bird Sanctuary
Rivulet Terre Rouge Bird Sanctuary
Kyna:The park houses some of the unique species of animals and birds, some of which are very rare and endemic to Mauritius.
Image - Aapravasi Ghat World Heritage Site
Aapravasi Ghat World Heritage Site
Kyna:Aapravasi Ghat which is the remains of the immigration depot that was built by the British Government to import labourers from India, Eastern Africa, Madagascar, China and Southeast Asia to work on the island's sugar estates.


Port Louis Tours

Image - Taste Buddies - Port Louis Street Food Tour
Taste Buddies - Port Louis Street Food Tour
Kyna:The food tour by Taste Buddies treats your taste buds with authentic local cuisine of Mauritius. It is a guided tour where the guide take you through the streets of Port Louis and stop at the best food places. The duration of tour is 2 - 3 hours, and costs somewhere around Rs 5000/person.


Best Authentic India Food to Treat your Taste Buds

Image - Namaste Restaurant
Namaste Restaurant
Kyna:It has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. It serves authentic Indian food. Each dish was distinct from the other and the spices had been delicately layered.
Image - Mystic Masala
Mystic Masala
Kyna:It has a beautiful ambience and serves tasty and delicious Indian vegetarian food.

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  1. Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort
  2. The Address Boutique Hotel
  3. Victoria Metro Station
  4. Caudan Waterfront
  5. Blue Penny Museum
  6. Rivulet Terre Rouge Bird Sanctuary
  7. Aapravasi Ghat World Heritage Site
  8. Taste Buddies - Port Louis Street Food Tour
  9. Namaste Restaurant
  10. Mystic Masala

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