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PNW Wanderers

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My Recommendations

Image - Forest Park
Forest Park
Image - Angel's Rest Trailhead
Angel's Rest Trailhead
Valerie:This one is on our bucket list and is on our Summer to do list.
Image - ¿Por Qué No?
¿Por Qué No?
Valerie:Always a line and now we know why, yum! A local favorite and worth the wait.
Image - Salt & Straw
Salt & Straw
Valerie:Never disappoints. Try the seasonal flavors or stick with originals. Why not try them all?
Image - Cascade Head Trail - South Trailhead
Cascade Head Trail - South Trailhead
Valerie:We've hiked this several times and always discover something new. The view is breath taking and worth the effort.
Image - Smith Rock State Park
Smith Rock State Park
Valerie:Misery Ridge is a beautiful hike. The views from the top breathtaking. Enjoy every twist and turn of the trail and be sure to look for the monkey.
Image - Clear Lake
Clear Lake
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Wonderguide map

  1. Washington Park
  2. Forest Park
  3. Angel's Rest Trailhead
  4. ¿Por Qué No?
  5. Pine State Biscuits
  6. Salt & Straw
  7. Cascade Head Trail - South Trailhead
  8. Smith Rock State Park
  9. Clear Lake
  10. Tamolitch Falls (Blue Pool)
  11. Belknap Hot Springs, Lodge and Gardens.

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