Enjoy the Pink Granite Coast

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Enjoy the Pink Granite Coast

Come with me to discover the wonderful Pink Granite Coast. There, to the north of Brittany (France), you will find a shore like no other, a geological marvel that is a paradise for both wildlife and walkers. Here are some tips to have the best experience in this wonderful coastline!

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đź“ŤMy favorite places

Beaches, hikes, viewpoints: here is a foretaste of what is not to miss during your trip!

Image - Ploumanac'h
Marion:Thanks to its pink granite lighthouse, Ploumanac'h is one of the most famous location of the coast. Part of Perros-Guirec, it was elected in 2015 “The favourite village of the French people”.
Image - Trestraou beach
Trestraou beach
Marion:It is the main beach in Perros-Guirec, extending over 1.4 kilometers. It has a lifeguard during the summer and it is handicap accessible. You also can find a club for kids.
Image - RĂ©serve naturelle nationale des Sept-ĂŽles
RĂ©serve naturelle nationale des Sept-ĂŽles
Marion:This 7-island archipelago is a protected area that lies off the Pink Granite Coast. It is home of a rich wildlife, including seals and a variety of seabirds. You can reach it thanks to a half-day cruise departing from Perros-Guirec.
Image - Sentier des Douaniers
Sentier des Douaniers
Marion:Also known as the GR 34, the Sentier des Douaniers was once used by customs officers to fight against smuggling. Nowadays, this trail still offers spectacular viewpoints on the Pink Granite Coast.
Image - Grève Blanche
Grève Blanche
Marion:One of the most beautiful beach of the Pink Granite Coast. On the left, there is a water sports center. On the right, you can reach the Coz Pors beach by the coastal footpath.
Image - Plage de Tresmeur
Plage de Tresmeur
Marion:Located in the heart of Trebeurden, this beach of fine sand offers a lifeguard surveillance during the summer, and a children’s play area.
Image - Pointe de Bihit
Pointe de Bihit
Marion:Magnificent view point, from the Bay of Lannion to the Losquet Island.
Image - Landrellec
Marion:This beautiful peninsula is located in Pleumeur-Bodou. Here, you can choose between fishing in the sea and having great walks around sand dunes and grasslands.
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đź’¦ My favorite activities

You want to discover the Pink Granite Coast in a dynamic and original way? Choose one of these activities!

Image - Ponant Surf School
Ponant Surf School
Marion:Learn how to surf with a team of passionate professionals. The surf club is located on Trestraou Beach, in Perros-Guirec.
Image - Casino Perros-Guirec
Casino Perros-Guirec
Marion:In this casino you can find 98 slot machines running from €0,01 to €2. There also are games tables such as boule games, blackjack tables and poker tables.
Image - Camping Sandaya Le Ranolien
Camping Sandaya Le Ranolien
Marion:In this five-star camping located in Perros-Guirec, you can bring your tent, your caravan or your campervan. The resort also includes swimming pools and a spa.
Image - Le Forum De Tregastel
Le Forum De Tregastel
Marion:Fantastic pool complex using heated sea water. It welcomes you all year round in an exceptional setting, in front of Coz-Pors beach.
Image - Marine Aquarium Trégastel
Marine Aquarium Trégastel
Marion:This small marine aquarium, built under huge pink granite rocks, invites you to discover the local marine wildlife.
Image - Spot Nautical Trébeurden
Spot Nautical Trébeurden
Marion:Friendly sailing school that proposes training sessions, sailing courses and equipment rental.
Image - Center Activity Diving
Center Activity Diving
Marion:Diving school that also organizes other activities such as maritime excursions or “flippered” excursions.
Image - Perched live, Adventure Park
Perched live, Adventure Park
Marion:Share a moment in the nature, and climb in a tree in this adventure park. There are funny zip lines! Beginners and advanced admitted.
Image - Cité des télécoms
Cité des télécoms
Marion:This park offers a 3-hour visit that will help you to discover the great history of telecommunication and digital technology.
Image - Planetarium De Bretagne - Parc Du RadĂ´me
Planetarium De Bretagne - Parc Du RadĂ´me
Marion:This is one of the largest planetariums in Europe. It offers astronomical shows, and even English performances during the summer.
Image - Village Gaulois
Village Gaulois
Marion:Educational theme park that includes a reconstruction of a Gallic village. Here, you can learn more about ancient traditions such as salt production or thatching.
Image - GolfhĂ´tel De Saint-Samson
GolfhĂ´tel De Saint-Samson
Marion:18-hole golf course with its own special charm, based in Pleumeur-Bodou. There also is a hotel.

🍴My favorite restaurants & bars

Whether you simply want to refresh or you want to have a nice dinner along the beach, here are some idea to spend a nice moment!

Image - Castel Beau Site
Castel Beau Site
Marion:It is a very renowned restaurant of the Pink Granite Coast. The prices are high, but people say that the team is nice, the view is beautiful, and the food is very refined. The complex also includes a hotel.
Image - Le Glacier des Sept ĂŽles
Le Glacier des Sept ĂŽles
Marion:Good spot to taste a refreshing ice cream after playing on Trestraou beach. There are often a lot of people!
Image - Le Transat Restaurant
Le Transat Restaurant
Marion:Choose to eat inside or outside to enjoy the beautiful view on Coz Pors beach, in Trégastel. On the menu, you will find fish, seafood, meat but also crepes. Really nice place.
Image - Crêperie Contre Vents et Marées
Crêperie Contre Vents et Marées
Marion:You cannot come to Brittany without tasting crepes! It is a wonderful restaurant located in Landrellec, Pleumeur-Bodou. On the menu, you will find a wide range of sweet and savory crepes. Delightful!
Image - latitude greve blanche
latitude greve blanche
Marion:Another delightful restaurant on the beach, this time in Trégastel. The large bay windows afford a breathtaking view of the sea. The restaurant proposes a traditional local cooking.
Image - Le Kenavo
Le Kenavo
Marion:Beautiful restaurant located in front of Tresmeur beach, in Trebeurden. It offers local products cooked freshly, ensuring a good value for money and quality.
Image - Chez Mario
Chez Mario
Marion:This friendly and traditional Italian restaurant has a sheltered terrace. It also proposes pizzas to take away.
Image - La Cabane Bambou's
La Cabane Bambou's
Marion:It is a really nice place, serving beers and cocktails all day long in front of the beach. During the weekends and the summer season, it also stays opened at night. Guaranteed party atmosphere!

🛍 My favorite shops

If you want to buy some souvenirs from your trip to the Pink Granite Coast, here is a non-exhaustive list of shops.

Image - Trégastel
Marion:Weekly market in Trégastel. Fruits, veggies, local products… Each Monday morning, come and enjoy the local maritime atmosphere of this market located in Trégastel. A must-do during the summer! I love it so much.
Marion:Gift and souvenir shop located in Perros-Guirec city centre. You will find a variety of local products, ranging from clothes, decoration or food.
Image - Biscuit Islands
Biscuit Islands
Marion:You can’t leave without taking some local biscuits back home! All products are homemade in a craft tradition. In the shop, you can also find a lot of different souvenirs.
Image - Mon p'tit pull rayé
Mon p'tit pull rayé
Marion:Seaman clothing specialist, for men, women and kids. Bring back home a beautiful striped sailor shirt, typical from the Pink Granite Coast!

Wonderguide map

  1. Ploumanac'h
  2. Trestraou beach
  3. RĂ©serve naturelle nationale des Sept-ĂŽles
  4. Sentier des Douaniers
  5. Grève Blanche
  6. Plage de Tresmeur
  7. Pointe de Bihit
  8. Landrellec
  9. Ponant Surf School
  10. Casino Perros-Guirec
  11. Camping Sandaya Le Ranolien
  12. Le Forum De Tregastel
  13. Marine Aquarium Trégastel
  14. Spot Nautical Trébeurden
  15. Center Activity Diving
  16. Perched live, Adventure Park
  17. Cité des télécoms
  18. Planetarium De Bretagne - Parc Du RadĂ´me
  19. Village Gaulois
  20. GolfhĂ´tel De Saint-Samson
  21. Castel Beau Site
  22. Le Glacier des Sept ĂŽles
  23. Le Transat Restaurant
  24. Crêperie Contre Vents et Marées
  25. latitude greve blanche
  26. Le Kenavo
  27. Chez Mario
  28. La Cabane Bambou's
  29. Trégastel
  31. Biscuit Islands
  32. Mon p'tit pull rayé

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