The little islands of Phu Quoc

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Alicja Lei

The little islands of Phu Quoc

We spent Christmas on the small island of Phu Quoc and it was magic! Some recommendations from all the fun we had!

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Where to stay

There are beautiful resorts all over this island, but we just happened to stay here and we loved it.

Image - Boulevard Hotel & Restaurant
Boulevard Hotel & Restaurant
Alicja:We had graduated beyond staying at hostels, so this was a lovely hotel, just across the street from the beach.
Image - Peppercorn Beach Resort
Peppercorn Beach Resort
Alicja:We didn't stay here but stopped for lunch and it was lovely!
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What to do

I mean, you should basically just be beach hopping. Be sure to ask where the current is bringing the garbage and avoid those beaches.

Image - Red Sun
Red Sun
Alicja:Only 1 of many many places to rent a scooter, but you will have to leave your drivers license with them.
Image - Sao Beach
Sao Beach
Image - Cua Can Beach
Cua Can Beach

Where to eat

You really can't go wrong because it's all good.

Image - Luna Bar
Luna Bar
Alicja:A great beach bar with fun music and good vibes.

Wonderguide map

  1. Boulevard Hotel & Restaurant
  2. Peppercorn Beach Resort
  3. Red Sun
  4. Ông Lang beach
  5. Sao Beach
  6. Vung Bau Beach
  7. Cua Can Beach
  8. Nhà Hàng Thiên Thanh
  9. Phu Quoc Night Market
  10. Luna Bar

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