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Stefano Benny Boothman

Perugia b&b as the owner of a B&B in Perugia I would like to racomend these places to visit in Perugia and nearby.

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Perugia BnB

Image - San Pietro, Perugia
San Pietro, Perugia
Stefano Benny:The first cathedral of Perugia... it hosts a museum and many paintings one of wich is the biggest canvas in the world and rappresents "The Triumph of the Benedict Order" as well as the face of the Devil by Vassilacchi
Image - Travelade Image
Via della Viola
Stefano Benny:Art District in Perugia
Image - Associazione Culturale "Fiorivano Le Viole"
Associazione Culturale "Fiorivano Le Viole"
Stefano Benny:best cultural comunity in town
Image - Monteluce
Image - Tempio di Sant'Angelo
Tempio di Sant'Angelo
Stefano Benny:This Christian Church is based on an older temple from pre-christian times that then has been extended so that the base is not circular any more and now is a cross shape church... that said it's one of the most beautiful churches in central Italy even if very very simple.
Image - Città della Domenica
Città della Domenica
Stefano Benny:Leasure Park (opens from april to october) for kids... very nice indeed
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Wonderguide map

  1. Complesso templare di San Bevignate
  2. San Pietro, Perugia
  3. Via della Viola
  4. Associazione Culturale "Fiorivano Le Viole"
  5. Cimitero Monumentale di Perugia
  6. Parco Santa Margherita
  7. Chiesa di Santa Petronilla
  8. Monteluce
  9. Largo Porta Pesa
  10. Tempio di Sant'Angelo
  11. Città della Domenica

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