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A Guide to Patras

The third biggest city of Greece is very popular among young people as a studying destination, but has various places and experiences to offer to visitors as well.This guide is made to present some of them!

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Main Attractions

Image - Saint Andrew Cathedral Church
Saint Andrew Cathedral Church
George:Saint Andrew church is the landmark building of Patras City.It is the biggest church in Greece and one of the biggest in Balcans.It is definitely worth the visit regardless of someone's religious beliefs, just for its architectural value.
Image - Patras Castle
Patras Castle
George:Patras castle is a very old fortress built around 1500 ago during the Byzantine period.Its walls are well preserved and every summer cultural events are held on an old theatre inside the construction.
Image - Archaeological Museum of Patras
Archaeological Museum of Patras
George:Built in 2009, the new archaeological museum of Patras impresses the visitors with its architecture, as well as the variety of ancient times treasures.Definitely a must-visit place for people who desire to enjoy a journey in the history of Patras and nearby areas.
Image - Rion-Antirion Bridge
Rion-Antirion Bridge
George:Being one of the longest bridges of its kind, Rion-Antirion bridge is a real structural miracle.It connects Peloponese with the western mainland Greece, a connection that could previously only achieved by boat.It is also a nice place for a walk or bicycle ride, especially during sunset time.
Image - Achaia Clauss
Achaia Clauss
George:It's a very old winery at the outskirts of Patras city.It was founded around 150 years and visitors can admire the traditional buldings, the wine creating methods and even see barrels that contain wine since 1873!Many famous visitors have passed from this place through years including former kings of Greece.
Image - Square Of King George
Square Of King George
George:King George square is the central square of Patras city.It's almost 200 years old and the most characteristic items on it are two big fountains.Around the square visitors can enjoy food, coffee and also various events like concerts.This is the center of the very famous patras Carnival as well!
Image - Apollon Theatre
Apollon Theatre
George:Apollon theatre is a small copy of Milan's Scala built in 1872.It's an architectural treasure for the city of Patras and the place were locals and visitors enjoy theatrical or musical events.
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Image - Paralia Kalogria
Paralia Kalogria
George:Kalogria is a dreamy place around 50 km from the city of Patras.There you can find an endless sandy beach surrounded by a big forest.It's highly recommended for a daily trip from Patras, although there is the option of staying more days as there are many high quality hotels around the area!
Image - Paralia Gianiskari
Paralia Gianiskari
George:Gianniskari is an exotic beach with crystal clear water surrounded by nature.It is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the sea!You can get there after around 45 minutes driving from Patras and can easily be combined with Kalogria beach, that is situated nearby.
Image - Πλαζ ΕΟΤ
Πλαζ ΕΟΤ
George:This beach is the nearest to the city center, around 4-5 km so it is easily accessible even walking.It offers nice view to Rion-Antirrion bridge and is very popular among runners as well, who have the chance to run either seaside or inside a small forest with paths just next to the beach.
Image - Kato Achaia
Kato Achaia
George:Kato achaia beach is situated around 25km from Patras.Its a very long, sandy beach with many beach cafes giving visitors the chance to relax and enjoy the view to Patraic gulf.

Places to go and other activities

Image - Rio
George:Rion is a town near Patras.Many restaurants, beach bars, cafes and night clubs are situated there making it a very popular summer destination.There is also a casino inside a luxurious hotel.Visitors can enjoy a seaside walk with the view of the spectacular bridge.Also, they can take for free the boat that connects Rion to Antirion (only cars are charged) and enjoy the 20 minutes cruise!
Image - Nafpaktos
George:Nafpaktos is a very beautiful town around 20km from Patras.The small port and the castle are the landmarks of the town, brilliantly surrounded by very nice cafes and restaurants.It is definitely recommended for a daily trip!
Image - Kalavryta
George:Kalavryta is a village up on the mountain of Helmos.It is a very popular winter destination, as there is a ski resort situated nearby.The village itself is very beautiful with traditional stone buildings and surrounded by nature.The nearby monastery of Mega Spileo is worth visiting as well!
Image - Odontotos rack railway Diakopto – Kalavrita
Odontotos rack railway Diakopto – Kalavrita
George:This railway is definitely a unique experience.The route starts from the seaside village of Diakofto and ends up after one hour on the mountainous village of Kalavryta, literally climbing on the mountain and crossing extremely beautiful natural landscapes.For the more adventurous persons, there is the alternative of walking this route as well!


Image - Aptaliko
George:Aptaliko is situated in a narrow beautiful street of Patras.There, visitors can taste small traditional dishes and combine them with local alcohol like raki or ouzo, enjoying the music and the friendly atmosphere of the place!
Image - Mr Burger
Mr Burger
George:For tha fans of vfm fast food, this burger restaurant is definitely recommended.The great variety of burgers and the nice decoration, ensure a nice dinner for the hungry visitors.
Image - Mare Mare
Mare Mare
George:Mare mare is a seaside beach bar-restaurant with spectacular view to the sea.It offers mainly Italian dishes and delicious for later in the evening.It is worth a visit!
Image - Siniálo
George:Sinialo is a traditional tavern in the center of Patras.It offers a great variety of food served in quite big portions.It is a good choice for passing a calm evening enjoying food!

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  1. Saint Andrew Cathedral Church
  2. Patras Castle
  3. Archaeological Museum of Patras
  4. Rion-Antirion Bridge
  5. Achaia Clauss
  6. Square Of King George
  7. Apollon Theatre
  8. Paralia Kalogria
  9. Paralia Gianiskari
  10. Πλαζ ΕΟΤ
  11. Kato Achaia
  12. Rio
  13. Nafpaktos
  14. Kalavryta
  15. Odontotos rack railway Diakopto – Kalavrita
  16. Aptaliko
  17. Mr Burger
  18. Mare Mare
  19. Siniálo

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