Padang west sumatera

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Padang west sumatera

Destinasi wisata Budaya, Sejarah, alam dan relijius

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Image - West Sumatra
West Sumatra
Forza:beutifully land, 5 lake and more mountain
Image - Travelade Image
Pulau Pieh
Forza:Konservasi laut terpadu
Image - Pulau Pandan
Pulau Pandan
Forza:watching dolphin and turtle, beutifully island, hitory island
Image - Museum Goedang Ransoem
Museum Goedang Ransoem
Forza:Tempat penyediaan makan bagi pekerja tambang di sawahlunto
Image - Museum Stasiun Kereta Api Sawahlunto
Museum Stasiun Kereta Api Sawahlunto
Forza:moda transportasi zaman dahulu yg menghubungi sawahlunto dgn padang
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Wonderguide map

  1. West Sumatra
  2. Pulau Pieh
  3. Pulau Pandan
  4. Sawahlunto Historical Park
  5. Museum Goedang Ransoem
  6. Hole Mine Site Museum Mbah Suro & Infobox
  7. Museum Stasiun Kereta Api Sawahlunto
  8. Museum Adityawarman
  9. Museum Bagindo Aziz Chan
  10. Air Manis Beach

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