Pachuca de Soto

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Jose Daniel Dominguez Ballesteros

Pachuca de Soto

The birth place of football soccer, pastes and barbacoa.

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Image - Monumental Clock
Monumental Clock
Jose Daniel Dominguez:It's an iconic piece of the city and a must see. Built in 1904-1910 and inaugurated on the 15 of september 1910 to commemorate 100th anniversary of independence. It stands 40m tall with 4 floors. Built entirely of quarry. Fun Fact: Its engine it's the same as the one that the Big Ben has
Image - Museo El Rehilete
Museo El Rehilete
Jose Daniel Dominguez:In case you are visiting with kids the Museum "El Rehilete" is the place to go. With various science related activities and games it's a fun ride. Plus they have recently added an Dinosaur related part to the park.
Image - Bioparque Convivencia Pachuca
Bioparque Convivencia Pachuca
Jose Daniel Dominguez:If you happen to visit during summer and are in the need of a refreshing place to visit, look no further than this park with its water related attractions and a mini zoo.
Image - Tuzoofari
Jose Daniel Dominguez:If you like zoo's why not take it a step further and have a fun and thrilling safari experience.
Image - Asados Don Abel Colosio
Asados Don Abel Colosio
Jose Daniel Dominguez:If you are a fan of "Carnitas" you may also be a fan of "Carnitas made out of wild pig", they also offer other meat dishes and entry's The perfect place to taste something out of the ordinary without breaking the wallet.
Image - Archivo Histórico y Museo de Minería A.C
Archivo Histórico y Museo de Minería A.C
Jose Daniel Dominguez:If you are a fan of the history of the places that you visit, then is museum is for you. Discover the ways that mining was conducted as well as the equipment that the miners used to carry and more.
Image - Santa Clara Matamoros, Pachuca
Santa Clara Matamoros, Pachuca
Jose Daniel Dominguez:If you want to taste some of the best ice-cream in the world, give them a taste, you wont be dissapointed.
Image - Hall of Fame International Football
Hall of Fame International Football
Jose Daniel Dominguez:If you are a big sports fan you can visit this museum to get an insight on the origins of soccer as well as visit hall of fame that inside
Image - Taquería La Guelaguetza
Taquería La Guelaguetza
Jose Daniel Dominguez:Maybe s late at night and you have a taco craving then this is my go to satiate that craving, at the entrance you can see the huge "trompo"of meat and be enticed by the smell.
Image - Restaurante La Blanca
Restaurante La Blanca
Jose Daniel Dominguez:A place where you can taste some of the traditional dishes from Hidalgo like barbacoa, pastes and my favorite chalupas.
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  1. Monumental Clock
  2. Museo El Rehilete
  3. Bioparque Convivencia Pachuca
  4. Tuzoofari
  5. Asados Don Abel Colosio
  6. Archivo Histórico y Museo de Minería A.C
  7. Santa Clara Matamoros, Pachuca
  8. Hall of Fame International Football
  9. Taquería La Guelaguetza
  10. Restaurante La Blanca

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