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Puebla is one of the most developed and best-connected cities in all of Mexico. It has become one of the most important centers of business, education, industry and tourism in the entire country; thousands and thousands come to Puebla to study, work, live and know. Touristically, the city of angels has grown enormously in the last decade. It is really incredible to be able to see this change in many aspects of the city (such as improvement or restoration of cultural and historical sites), and to be able to see how more and more people from all over the world are going to Puebla. Being so close to Mexico City (approximately two hours by road), it is an ideal place where many people come to enjoy all its attractions and everything it has to offer. It is likely that many can only escape to the city for a few days (due to their jobs or studies), and have a couple of days just to try to know its most emblematic sites. Precisely for that reason, I decided to write this article so that you know what to do in Puebla for a weekend. I want to show you Puebla in a general, but efficient way: that is, making the most of your time, and you can take a fairly complete perspective of this beautiful city.

Image - Iztaccihuatl
Valeria:Climbing in the vicinity of the volcanoes, especially towards the top of Iztaccíhuatl and observing the city of Puebla from there, on the other hand, it is recommended because before climbing it you tell yourself its legend.
Image - Catedral de Puebla
Catedral de Puebla
Valeria:Puebla Cathedral is the most representative monument of this city. At the beginning of the "City of Angels", the construction of a cathedral was not contemplated, because the diocese's headquarters was in Tlaxcala. It was until 1535 when the then bishop, Fray Julián Garcés, decided to change the headquarters to this city, beginning the construction of a first cathedral.
Image - Zacapoaxtla
Valeria:This mountain town that is located on the road that goes up from Puebla to Cuetzalan, has a pleasant center for walking. In the zócalo, wide portals, a well-kept garden with a monument to the 400 Indians that this town sent to the battle of Cinco de Mayo and two temples, of which the Parroquia de San Pedro Apóstol stands out.
Image - Cuetzalan
Valeria:Cuetzalan is a magical town of picturesque and sloping streets and colorful houses with wide eaves, embedded in the foothills of the Sierra Norte of Puebla. Walking through its streets, admiring its architecture, perhaps sheltered by the mist that comes down from the mountains, is a relaxing experience.
Image - Piramides Cholula
Piramides Cholula
Valeria:The Cholula pyramid is of great importance, since due to its dimensions it is considered the largest in the world at the base; Its large volume is the result of the superposition of other pyramids, since the old pyramid was covered in its entirety to make way for a new construction, which caused the base to grow until over time reaching more than 400 meters long per side, 66 high and about 4.5 million cubic meters that it boasts.
Image - Historic area of ​​Los Fuertes
Historic area of ​​Los Fuertes
Valeria:The Loreto and Guadalupe Forts allow you to see the Puebla Valley and its surroundings with a panoramic perspective from more than 60 meters high. With more reason in this area was built this emblematic fort of struggle and victory for Mexico, the "Battle of May 5" in 1862 where Mexico faced the most powerful army of the time. The historic area of the forts is open to the public and there are viewpoints at different points that will allow you to see further afield, in addition there is also a cable car that will increase the height a little more to see the entire Puebla valley at sunset or at night , this cable car has what you can enjoy during the day and at night young.
Image - Biblioteca Palafoxiana
Biblioteca Palafoxiana
Valeria:The Palafoxiana Library, founded in 1646, is the only old library in America that remains in the same premises where it was inaugurated, it preserves unique furniture with a collection that has grown over time. Today it has more than 40 thousand books which are protected by bars for their conservation. Just seeing the three floors of the library, the stairs, and the old books will blow your mind; However, it is very interesting to listen to the guide explain how they used the spaces, where they sat to read, and how they used to consult several books at the same time.
Image - Estrella de Puebla
Estrella de Puebla
Valeria:Located in the State of Puebla, is the Estrella de Puebla, one of the main ones with the highest tourist influx in the City and that of course you cannot miss. The Star was inaugurated on July 22, 2013. The Wheel has a height of 80 meters and has the Guinness Record accreditation as the largest portable observation wheel in the world. The Estrella is an R80XL model and is part of the German brand Maurer German Whelss Gmbh, it has 80 gondolas that have a glass floor and leather seats and each one with capacity for eight people, the wheel travel is three turns per hour.
Image - The City Cholula
The City Cholula
Valeria:Cholula is not only a Magical Town full of culture and architecture, it is also famous among the people of Puebla for its excellent nightlife. The famous Calle 14 Oriente in San Andrés Cholula is the street where the best clubs and bars in the area are concentrated. This street is popular with young people from Puebla on weekends. Cholula nights offer a wide variety of discos to dance and bars to have a few drinks.
Image - Parian market
Parian market
Valeria:El Parian currently the place is properly conditioned and renovated, with a total of 112 stores, in which the most varied handicrafts produced in the different regions of the state are sold. This place was called the "PARIAN" named like this because it was an obligatory place for the muleteers from Veracruz, Oaxaca, La Costa Chica de Guerrero and the Capital of the Colony, this market worked from the year 1760 until the end of the last century , when, due to the appearance of the railway, it was abandoned as a cargo concentration center and became the "PLAZA DEL BARATILLO" and the minor candy trade arose, appearing the typical pulcatas, piqueras and fritanguerías, which it will capture with as much fidelity as a vision of that past, the Master Brush by Agustín Arrieta.
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  1. Iztaccihuatl
  2. Catedral de Puebla
  3. Zacapoaxtla
  4. Cuetzalan
  5. Piramides Cholula
  6. Historic area of ​​Los Fuertes
  7. Biblioteca Palafoxiana
  8. Estrella de Puebla
  9. The City Cholula
  10. Parian market

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