Old Batavia in Jakarta

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Yudi Rahmatullah

Old Batavia in Jakarta

Wisata Kotatua or Old Batavia is the famous area to see historical places and objects. It is surrounded by the museums and attractions. It will be so crowded on the weekend, but you'll still enjoy it.

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My Recommendations

Image - Wayang Museum
Wayang Museum
Yudi:so many unique wayang (puppets) here.. Not only in Indonesia, but may puppets all over the world are kept in this musem
Image - Jakarta History Museum
Jakarta History Museum
Yudi:It serves complete history about Jakarta (Batavia) and Indonesia
Image - Museum Bank Mandiri
Museum Bank Mandiri
Yudi:this is my favorite museum so far.. The museum is still in well-maintained and the objects are so unique
Image - Toko Merah
Toko Merah
Image - Dunia Fantasi
Dunia Fantasi
Yudi:I enjoyed all the plays here
Image - Ancol beach
Ancol beach
Image - Sea World Ancol
Sea World Ancol
Yudi:wonderfull place to see various sea creatures..
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Wonderguide map

  1. Wayang Museum
  2. Jakarta History Museum
  3. Museum Bank Mandiri
  4. Museum Bank Indonesia
  5. Toko Merah
  6. Petak Sembilan Market
  7. Jakarta Bahari Museum
  8. Dunia Fantasi
  9. Ancol beach
  10. Sea World Ancol

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