Northern Lights in Reykjavik

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Northern Lights in Reykjavik

Seeing the northern lights is a once in a lifetime opportunity for some. They are best displayed in winter when its starting to get colder and nights are turing dark.

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Interesting places to visit

Image - Elding Whale Watching
Elding Whale Watching
Elding Adventure at: Elding - so much more than just whale watching!
Image - Aurora Reykjavík
Aurora Reykjavík
Elding Adventure at:The aurora exhibition where you will learn all about the lights!
Image - Grótta Island Lighthouse
Grótta Island Lighthouse
Elding Adventure at:The perfect place to spot the northern lights in the city!
Image - Perlan - Deck 360° Reykjavík _63654
$ 15
Perlan - Deck 360° Reykjavík
Elding Adventure at:One of the best views in the city.
Image - Öskjuhlíð
Elding Adventure at:Beautiful nature paths and optimal to view auroras in the dark.
Image - Bessastaðir
Elding Adventure at:A great place to explore the outskirts of Reykjavik.
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Northern Lights Tours

A collection of Northern Lights tours from Reykjavík - operated by trusted local tour operators.

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  1. Elding Whale Watching
  2. Aurora Reykjavík
  3. Grótta Island Lighthouse
  4. Perlan - Deck 360° Reykjavík
  5. Öskjuhlíð
  6. Bessastaðir
  7. Northern Lights Hunt

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