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North East England and the Lakes

The best of the North of England

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Image - Penshaw Monument
Penshaw Monument
Gabriel:Forget the Angel of the North. It’s Penshaw Monument you need to look out for to know you have truly arrived in the north east of England. Sunderland’s pride and joy, it’s quite strange to see the structure on top of a hill but its a great afternoon out with a picnic and for those of you in a more daring mood, try going after dark and read the ghost stories surrounding the area
Image - Coniston And Langdales Half Day Tour_435394
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Coniston And Langdales Half Day Tour
Gabriel:For a weekend away from Durham, Sunderland and Newcastle just drive a couple hours west to the Lakes. I’m not great at camping but I love glamping. It’s getting more popular too and there are plenty of sites that hire out glamping experiences. It means you get to feel like you are in the most natural places on earth, you get a little of the outdoors living - getting to light up your own fire and frying bacon over a small stove top but also you get to lie in a cosy double bed at night. You have to experience this!
Image - Bells Fish and Chips
Bells Fish and Chips
Gabriel:And when in England you must have fish and chips! This place is one of the best. Make sure you ask for ‘batter’ or ‘scraps’ and definitely a serving of gravy. You won’t believe it until you try it. This Bells is close enough for you to get a takeaway, drive into Durham city and enjoy it sat by the river. Bliss
Image - Wast Water
Wast Water
Gabriel:This has got to be one of the most breathtaking places on planet earth. It’s not as famous as some of the other locations in the Lakes and maybe it’s because the drive is a little further but it’s definitely worth it. As soon as you drive into the lake you will want to stop (they conveniently have lots of stopping viewing stations for you). I can stand here for hours and not get bored. The thing with this place too is that it’s not for Instagram. It’s so stunning that photos don’t even do it justice. It’s one of those moments where you leave your camera in the car and just stand in awe
Image - Stadium of Light
Stadium of Light
Gabriel:I can’t write a guide about my home area without giving a shout out to my team. They may not be in the premiership right now but you need to attend a game if possible to experience the passion. If your going off season you can still do a tour. It’s a great stadium!
Image - Jack Wills | Durham
Jack Wills | Durham
Gabriel:One of my favourite stores. Clothing wise and building wise. Can’t walk past this place without getting myself a new Jack Wills hoodie!
Image - Greggs
Gabriel:There are a load of different Gregg’s in the north east. Even a 24/7 one and a reject one. It’s something you must try. I recommend the cheese and onion pasty. It will change your life
Image - Quayside Sunday Market
Quayside Sunday Market
Gabriel:What a beautiful location for a market. Get anything from souvenirs to German sausages, vintage cheeses and home decor. Oh and cupcakes. Home made ones!
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  8. Quayside Sunday Market

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