Exploring Charming Copenhagen

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Sumedha Jain

Exploring Charming Copenhagen

I lived in Copenhagen for a few years and fell in love with it's charm and Hygge. A beautiful and vibrant city of bikes, I look forward to sharing my favourite places and experiences with you and hope you will love it as I much as I do. You might just end up staying in this magical cozy city. Enjoy!

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Like a local

Feel the Danish spirit

Image - Bike Copenhagen with Mike
Bike Copenhagen with Mike
Sumedha:To explore the city in the true Danish spirit is to explore it by bike. Bike with Mike offers just that with your tour guide, Mike. With his years of experience and he can guide you through the city and off the beaten tracks where no tour bus will go. Tours are conducted in English and last approximately 3.5 hours. If Mike is feeling generous, sometimes even longer :)
Image - Copenhagen Local
Copenhagen Local
Sumedha:Tired of eating in restaurants and cafes? Would you like to dine with a Danish Family in their home and taste the authentic Copenhagen?Guess what, Copenhagen Local can make it happen for you. Book one of their tours and get a taste of the local culture.
Image - Torvehallerne Copenhagen
Torvehallerne Copenhagen
Sumedha:do you love local and artisan products, then strolling around Torvehallerne should be on your top list. It's a trendy super market in Copenhagen with over 60 stands selling dry fruits, fresh vegetables and fruits, gourmet chocolate and exotic spices and just about everything you can imagine. But wait, its not just a market, its also a great place to grab a bite, relax and absorb the local atmosphere. You can eat breakfast at Grød, drink a nice cup of coffee at Coffee Collective, eat tacos at Hija de Sanches, delicious thin crust pizzas at Gorm's, the famous Danish smørrebrød. For the sweet toothed there's plenty of choices from Ice cream, pastries, cakes, chocolates. You name it, you just need to pick one or plenty.
Image - REFFEN
Sumedha:A multicultural street food market by the harbour for start-ups, and innovators. It's a great way to encourage a social space to create and offer an array of food and drink that you can’t find anywhere else in Copenhagen. With over 54 food stalls that offer cuisines from around the world, Reffen has everything under one roof. So go treat yourself if you want a break from the Danish cuisine. You can buy a voucher or book a table on their website to secure a space, as it is pretty popular with the locals.
Image - Foods of Copenhagen
Foods of Copenhagen
Sumedha:Explore Copenhagen’s Impressive Food Scene By Bike.This food tour is for anyone who wants to get to know Copenhagen’s off-the-beaten-path and try outstanding culinary delights in the hidden gems of the harbours. Great way to burn calories after all the treats, eh?!
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Things to do

Engage with Copenhagen in these lovely ways

Image - Freetown Christiania
Freetown Christiania
Sumedha:Nestled in a trendy neighbourhood, this fascinating free town is tax free and governed by its own laws. It represents an alternative lifestyle of free thinkers. A canal, surrounded by trees and small colorful houses, separates Christinia from Copenhagen’s mainland. It is a car free zone and so the inhabitants of Christania came up with their own mode of transport, the famous Christiania bike. I love these bikes, the innovation and practicality that the design reflects is truly unique. Do you know, people now use these bikes all over Copenhagen for various activities, even to sell food. How cool is that!
Image - Christiania Cykler
Christiania Cykler
Sumedha:You can rent the famous Christiania bikes from Christiania Rent a Bike and experience Copenhagen truly like the locals do. Especially helpful if you have a family of 2 or kids to bike around in a true Hygge fashion
Image - Canal Tours Copenhagen
Canal Tours Copenhagen
Sumedha:Enjoy a classic canal tour around Copenhagen’s harbour through the idyllic canals. The Grand Tour departs from Nyhavn or Gammel Strand and passes some of Copenhagen's best sights and attractions. Canal tours have received a certificate of excellent by Tripadvisor and so I would highly recommend them
Image - Nyhavn
Sumedha:I lived minutes away from this picturesque heritage harbour. The vibrant colourful renovated townhouses from the 18th century make this an iconic site of Copenhagen. A very popular spot for locals and tourists both. Soak up the atmosphere as you relax with some food and wine, a coffee and some fries or the delicious ice cream and waffles served by the quayside. Plenty of overpriced touristy restaurants, and so I would recommend to just get the waffles or ice cream for the experience. For dining, go to a more local and cozy place as there are plenty in Copenhagen
Image - Hans Christian Andersen's Childhood Home
Hans Christian Andersen's Childhood Home
Sumedha:Copenhagen has a fairytale-like quality, with hints of Han Christian Andersen’s memory found all around the city. Even without looking for it, you will stumble across beautiful elements of his fairy tale world. Would you like to see where this beloved author and poet grew up and get a peek into his life and inspiration. You will have to take the train from Copenhagen to Odense to reach there, the journey is only 1.5 hours.While you are there, explore the charming village of Odense and make a day out of it.

For Foodies

Some of my personal favourites, especially if you are a vegetarian

Image - GRØD
Sumedha:My Favourite place to grab comfort food. Their porridge is Hygge in a bowl. Do try their signature porridge with Caramel, apples and nuts. They also serve delicious risotto's, daal and various drinks. But best known for their porridge, a great way to kick start your day.
Image - Hija de Sanchez
Hija de Sanchez
Sumedha:Best known for their delicious and authentic Tacos. As a lover of Mexican food, I highly recommend them. You can combine this experience with a visit to Torvehallern. Grab a table outside, grab a taco and watch the world go by....
Image - Conditori La Glace
Conditori La Glace
Sumedha:The oldest and one of my favourite confectioneries in Denmark. Founded in the 1870, this lovely tea room truly exhibits the old world charm with a pink, green and brass interior.Work your way through their delicious sugary treats as you sip away on there amazing hot chocolate.
Image - Skt. Peders Bageri
Skt. Peders Bageri
Sumedha:This retro style gem hidden in the Latin Quarters is one of the oldest bakeries of Copenhagen. Its a small cosy place with two distinct black chandeliers that are pretty eye catching. One of best place to find Danish pastry. But they are are especially known for there Cinnamon rolls. A little local secret for you: if you go there on a Wednesday morning, you will get these rolls at a discounted price as they have the "onsdagssnegle" going when they sell over 3000 of these delicious rolls. Now, you wouldn't want to miss that, would you?!
Image - Sømods Bolcher
Sømods Bolcher
Sumedha:Do you want to try the flavours of 1891?Then don't forget to visit this old fashioned candy store in the heart of Copenhagen. The candies are naturally flavoured without preservatives and the stove they use to boil the sugar is the original one, over 100 years old! Imagine living this piece of sweet history. You can carry this historic time capsule back to share with family and friends, so don't forget to grab your bag of their lovely assorted candies.
Image - Restaurant Ida Davidsen
Restaurant Ida Davidsen
Sumedha:Want to try Smørrebrød, the famous Danish open faced sandwich? Restaurant Ida Davidsen is one of Denmark's most famous Smørrebrød restaurants since 1888. Plenty of options for vegetarians too. You might get to say 'Hello' to Ida as she visits the kitchen and restaurant daily.

Places To Hygge

Ways you can experience the Danish Hygge and coziness

Image - Tivoli Gardens
Tivoli Gardens
Sumedha:Situated in the heart of Copenhagen, Tivoli Gardens will engage all your senses. A charming place with beautiful gardens and architecture will add magic moments and Insta worthy photos to take. For fun, you can go on the rides. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the various cafes and restaurants on site.
Image - Copenhagen Food Tour
Copenhagen Food Tour
Sumedha:The food tours are a unique opportunity to experience the authentic Copenhagen through its delicious food while listening to stories about the fascinating history. Their guided food and cultural city walking tours offer delicious fresh local food in the true Scandinavian fashion.
Image - The King's Garden
The King's Garden
Sumedha:Nestled in the centre of Copenhagen, this royal garden dates back to the 1600's. It is one of the most popular places in Copenhagen. In the summer you will find locals and tourists flocked around the gorgeous flower beds, lazing around with their picnic baskets. So why not create your own picnic basket and head on for some real local relaxation and enjoy the sun.
Image - Fyrtøjet
Sumedha:If you are looking to visit the King's garden with your picnic basket, you can order one here. It costs 67 Euros for two people and you can preorder it a day before the pick up.
Image - GoBoat
Sumedha:Experience Copenhagen on water! Rent a boat to enjoy the waterfront and row away through the canals. Doesn't get more Hygge than that! The boats can carry up to eight people, and you don't need a licence or experience to navigate. The silent and solar cell powered boats are equipped with a table in the centre, to enjoy the picnic baskets provided by this company which can be purchased at 99 KR

My Recommendations

Practical Information

Save your time and let me share the details

Image - Nova Fairy Tales Copenhagen
Nova Fairy Tales Copenhagen
Sumedha:An authentic company with creative and flexible tour guides to cater to your fancies. They will adapt your tour according to the group size, interests and the weather. So feel free to browse through their website as you will find plenty of options to choose from

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  1. Bike Copenhagen with Mike
  2. Copenhagen Local
  3. Torvehallerne Copenhagen
  5. Foods of Copenhagen
  6. Freetown Christiania
  7. Christiania Cykler
  8. Canal Tours Copenhagen
  9. Nyhavn
  10. Hans Christian Andersen's Childhood Home
  11. GRØD
  12. Hija de Sanchez
  13. Conditori La Glace
  14. Skt. Peders Bageri
  15. Sømods Bolcher
  16. Restaurant Ida Davidsen
  17. Tivoli Gardens
  18. Copenhagen Food Tour
  19. The King's Garden
  20. Fyrtøjet
  21. GoBoat
  22. Nova Fairy Tales Copenhagen

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