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Nias Guide - Nias Island Guide

For you traveller.. When you visited Nias Island, you can find me to ask and accompany you for travel around nias... I will answer about you needed during at nias

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Image - Wonderful Nias Holidays (Travel Nias)
Wonderful Nias Holidays (Travel Nias)
Herwil Junaidi:This is Recomended Tour Operator Located in Nias Island. Experince group and Personal Tourist..
Image - Olive Homestay Gunungsitoli
Olive Homestay Gunungsitoli
Herwil Junaidi:Recomended for low budgeting tourist when stay at Gunungsitoli, Nias.
Image - Bawomataluo Village
Bawomataluo Village
Herwil Junaidi:This location is a Village Culture at Nias Island... You will show the Stone Jumping attraction when you visited village. Many traditional house standing in up of hill bawomataluo village.
Image - Sorake Beach Sign Name
Sorake Beach Sign Name
Herwil Junaidi:For You Surfing Lover, you can visited this location... Familiar for international surfer... Big wave you can feel and seeing in there..
Image - Pulau Asu
Pulau Asu
Herwil Junaidi:Best recomended as a beatiful destination in nias island.. You can doing many activities in here... Fishing, snorkeling, diving and surfing... Enjoy with the fresh air and the white sands...
Image - Binaka Airport
Binaka Airport
Herwil Junaidi:This is Airport located ini nias island...
Image - Tureloto Beach Lahewa
Tureloto Beach Lahewa
Herwil Junaidi:Nice view and good for swimming in there... Many coral you can see in here... White sands and a beatiful scenary...
Image - Tumori Traditional Village
Tumori Traditional Village
Herwil Junaidi:Village located in the center of Gunungsitoli City... The local people care about their culture until now... Like married culture, when born and give the name kids they make a ceremony...
Image - Lagundri Bay Resort
Lagundri Bay Resort
Herwil Junaidi:Beatiful beach and scenary.. You can learn surf in here...
Image - SEM HOTEL Nias Selatan
SEM HOTEL Nias Selatan
Herwil Junaidi:Recomended Hotel when you stay at telukdalam city... Complete facilities like swimming pool, bar, billiar table, etc...
Image - KabuNohi Sorake
KabuNohi Sorake
Herwil Junaidi:A good hotel like bunggalow... Recomended place to stay when you visited sorake beach... Behind hotel is a spot surf... You can enjoy to see a surfer play with a wave...
Image - Oseda Nias Surf House
Oseda Nias Surf House
Herwil Junaidi:Nice place to stay at sorake beach... This building strong and stand behind the spot surf at sorake beach, south nias..
Image - Sosui Losmen And Restaurant
Sosui Losmen And Restaurant
Herwil Junaidi:Verry recomended for low budget tourist... A good place and cheap price... Very closer with the spot surf...
Image - Pantai Pasir Merah Afulu
Pantai Pasir Merah Afulu
Herwil Junaidi:Nice place at north nias... The red sand beach you can find in there... Beatiful scenary with much coconut tree...
Image - Air Terjun Humogo / Humogo WaterFall
Air Terjun Humogo / Humogo WaterFall
Herwil Junaidi:Trecking lover... You can enjoy and swim in this location... Located in the gunungsitoli city...
Image - Pantai Hoya Gunungsitoli
Pantai Hoya Gunungsitoli
Herwil Junaidi:Nice location to visited at gunungsitoli city... Beatiful scenary and beach...
Image - Pelita Coffee (Coffee House)
Pelita Coffee (Coffee House)
Herwil Junaidi:Coffee lover, you can enjoy drink and feels much type of coffee in there... Located in gunungsitoli city...
Image - Warung BKN (babi Khas Nias) Pa'Sisca
Warung BKN (babi Khas Nias) Pa'Sisca
Herwil Junaidi:If you taste a traditional food... You can come in this location... Many kind of food served in here like smoked pork,marinated pork, etc...
Image - Hotel Nasional
Hotel Nasional
Herwil Junaidi:Recomended Hotel in Gunungsitoli city... Beside hotel you can find many culinery with much food...
Image - de'Pakar Resto & Bar
de'Pakar Resto & Bar
Herwil Junaidi:Recomended restaurant location at gunungsitoli city.. Deliciuos food you can find it here...
Image - Grand Kartika Restaurant
Grand Kartika Restaurant
Herwil Junaidi:With a beautiful scenary, this location very recomended for you... Located beside the beach at gunungsitoli city...
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  1. Wonderful Nias Holidays (Travel Nias)
  2. Olive Homestay Gunungsitoli
  3. Bawomataluo Village
  4. Sorake Beach Sign Name
  5. Pulau Asu
  6. Binaka Airport
  7. Tureloto Beach Lahewa
  8. Tumori Traditional Village
  9. Lagundri Bay Resort
  10. SEM HOTEL Nias Selatan
  11. KabuNohi Sorake
  12. Oseda Nias Surf House
  13. Sosui Losmen And Restaurant
  14. Pantai Pasir Merah Afulu
  15. Air Terjun Humogo / Humogo WaterFall
  16. Pantai Hoya Gunungsitoli
  17. Pelita Coffee (Coffee House)
  18. Warung BKN (babi Khas Nias) Pa'Sisca
  19. Hotel Nasional
  20. de'Pakar Resto & Bar
  21. Grand Kartika Restaurant

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