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latin American insights in nyc.

Here you will find the most amazing Latin American places in the city. Amazing Restaurants and bars, clubs and social events to get to know the culture! Welcome! I hope you enjoy my blog!

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My Recommendations

Image - Yuca
Ginna:Beyond Delightful! Dozens of Latin American meals. If you would like to try some authentic food from any part of Latin America this is one of my favorite places! Without mention the amazing Drinks!
Image - Ofrenda
Ginna:I would say this is my favorite MEXICAN restaurant in the city! 1. Best happy hour I have ever found. 2. Margaritas are literally sooo good! 3. Tacos are very taste. 4. Service and atmosphere is great!! Also they have a vast variety of Tequilas and Mezcales :)
Image - La Esquina - SoHo
La Esquina - SoHo
Ginna:This is another of my top restaurants. They have 3 different type of atmospheres. 1. Is going to be the Taqueria, (very Mexican) and its mostly for a take away or just eat a quick Taco. 2. They have the Cafe which os more casual for lunch or dinner. Their Margs are great and ( no reservations needed) 3. And the most Amazing one is going to be the speaky easy (Lounge and Brassiere ) where its all about going well dress and having drinks at the bar and enjoying the great music by the dj. Or reserve a table to experience dinner. This is a very famous place where a lot of celebrities love to go!
Image - The Copacabana Times Square
The Copacabana Times Square
Ginna:This legendary place is for going with your partner and dance Salsa, Samba and Reggaeton. If you wanna improve your Salsa dancing! Copacabana is a good option.
Image - Sound Of Brazil
Sound Of Brazil
Ginna:Sound Of Brazil, one of my favorite places to go and dance Latin American music all night long. You will find great people that will invite you to dance every song! The highlight about this place is that they have a different event every night it could be Samba night, Salsa night, Cumbia etc. MUST GO!
Image - Chimichurri Grill
Chimichurri Grill
Ginna:We all know how great are steaks from Argentina and thats why I am gonna recommend you this place in particular guys! Chimichurri Grill provides one of the most authentic Cuisine in the City! Try it out!
Image - Club Cache
Club Cache
Ginna:For those Salsa and Bachata lovers! here is the right place for you guys! This is a fantastic place to discover or celebrate your passion with amazing music and atmosphere.
Image - Bembe
Ginna:Ok this place is in Williamsburg which makes this place even more special. Live bands, Brazilian funk, Salsa, Afro-beat, Culture and Dancehall can be found here on any given night!
Image - Baby Brasa
Baby Brasa
Ginna:Peruvian Cuisine, Great Atmosphere, located in the West Village (my favorite neighborhood in the city). The highlight about this Peruvian spot, are the dancing nights in the Weekends. Very good music to dance and chill.
Image - Meatpacking District
Meatpacking District
Ginna:This is a very Special Area. Meatpacking is all about restaurants, stores, clubs ,rooftops, bars, and culture!! Go inside the Chelsea Market and try dozens of cuisines they provide for people!! Enjoy it!
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  1. Yuca
  2. Ofrenda
  3. La Esquina - SoHo
  4. The Copacabana Times Square
  5. Sound Of Brazil
  6. Chimichurri Grill
  7. Club Cache
  8. Bembe
  9. Baby Brasa
  10. Meatpacking District

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