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Naypenrai's London Hotspots

Hey, I'm @naypenrai and here's a list of my favourite places in London to shoot (and how to shoot them!) :D

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Image - Barbican Centre
Barbican Centre
Nathan:Lots of angles to explore here. Good for any of time day typically, if shooting portraits there's plenty of shaded areas. Good angles of models in this spot tend to be shooting upwards.
Image - Tate Modern
Tate Modern
Nathan:Make sure you check out the spiral stairs on the ground floor and viewing gallery up top for great views of the city. Make sure you take a wide lens for the interior as well as a tele lens for the viewing gallery up top. If you can get there for sunset, definitely do that!
Image - St. Paul's Cathedral
St. Paul's Cathedral
Nathan:Head inside and climb the stairs all the way to the top for a real treat. Wide lenses are ideal for the interior whilst a tele lens will serve you well up top!
Image - Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge
Nathan:Explore the area for unique angles. Head over at low tide and you can get in the bankside for some cool shots. A wide lens works best, shoot at sunrise or sunset!
Image - City Hall
City Hall
Nathan:Awesome shots to be had around here. Use the installations to your advantage and find leading lines. Use a tripod and a density filter to blur people out so it looks empty!
Image - Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum
Nathan:Extraordinary place. Head up the stairs for the best shots of the main hall. Long exposures work best here to blur people out so be sure you take a mini tripod as larger ones will be frowned upon. Use an aperture around f/11, anything above that and you'll start losing sharpness the closer you get to f/22.
Image - St James's Park
St James's Park
Nathan:Nice for a walk and plenty of critters and rare flowers around. Macro lens is useful here. Tele lens for the birds!
Image - Westminster Bridge
Westminster Bridge
Nathan:Don't let the fact the star of the show is covered in scaffolding put you off. There are still great views of the London Eye available here, a 24-70 is your best bet. Go at sunrise during the summer for a nearly empty bridge and incredible light.
Image - Coca-Cola London Eye
Coca-Cola London Eye
Nathan:Head opposite it and over the river, set up with a tripod at sunset or evening and get some incredible long exposures (best at winter as the eye will close whilst it's still light during the summer). f/11, ISO100. You know the drill.
Image - St Katharine Docks Marina
St Katharine Docks Marina
Nathan:Awesome reflections early in the morning. Great pubs in the area, too.
Image - Travelade Image
Leake Street
Nathan:Graffiti heaven! You've got to see it to believe it.
Image - The View from The Shard
The View from The Shard
Nathan:Get here at sunset if you can. Watch out for reflections on the windows ruining your shots! Lens skirt is advisable of you can get away with it.
Image - Fen Court
Fen Court
Nathan:New rooftop accessible to the public. Great views of Tower Bridge and St Paul's are available. Tripod and lens skirt absolutely essential. 70-200mm lens is ideal up there. The walkie talkie is close so a wider lens will help you get some cool shots of that, also look for reflections in the water up there.
Image - Big Bus Tours
Big Bus Tours
Image - South Bank
South Bank
Nathan:Take a stroll! Good for street photography, but it's really nice during a decent sunset.
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  1. Barbican Centre
  2. Tate Modern
  3. St. Paul's Cathedral
  4. Tower Bridge
  5. City Hall
  6. Natural History Museum
  7. St James's Park
  8. Westminster Bridge
  9. Coca-Cola London Eye
  10. St Katharine Docks Marina
  11. Leake Street
  12. The View from The Shard
  13. The Walkie Talkie Building
  14. Fen Court
  15. Big Bus Tours
  16. South Bank

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