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Hey I am Yannis! I am a lifestyle/portrait photographer who came literally by accident here in Mykonos 3 years ago and I just felt in love with the place, the vibes and people of this magical island. My Instagram is @psyllas_photography

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Image - horseland mykonos
horseland mykonos
Yannis:Horseland is the ultimate experience for people love horseriding, Fanis and his crew will provide you all the required equipment and knowledge if you are newbie. They even can arrange to pick you up from your hotel/villa. The experience takes place at fokos beach where you will feel the wind and the sea while you will be riding a well trained and lovely horse 🏇
Image - Mycocoon Hostel Mykonos
Mycocoon Hostel Mykonos
Yannis:Mycocoon hostel is the value for money place in town of Mykonos to stay! They have a lovely pool-bar where you might see me drinking my 🍺. I love the view!
Image - Cavo Tagoo Mykonos
Cavo Tagoo Mykonos
Yannis:The best by far hotel in Mykonos, it's expensive but if you can afford it. It's worth it!
Image - Skandinavian Bar - Disco - Club | Nightlife
Skandinavian Bar - Disco - Club | Nightlife
Yannis:Mykooooooonos! That's a club with history of 40 years. You will listen all the top music hits, you will love the energy and you will feel the true Mykonos vibe. Get ready to dance until the morning!
Image - Scorpios
Yannis:Well, it's expensive. Very expensive. But you definitely don't wanna miss out the chance of visiting the best beach bar/restaurant in Mykonos. This place is where you can fall in love easier than any other in the island. Every money I spent there I will never regret it.💕💯
Image - Cavo Paradiso
Cavo Paradiso
Yannis:The best Dj's all over the world played live here, crazy people, amazing vibes and dancing even after the sunrise! 👯
Image - nice n easy
nice n easy
Yannis:Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Just a drink? Nice and easy... They are by one of the most famous landmarks of Mykonos, Little Venice. Amazing tastes, the bartender is a genius, let him recommend you a cocktail, I am sure he will find the perfect for you, he does it every time for me 🍳🥩🍝🍕🍸
Image - Tropicana Beach bar - Restaurant
Tropicana Beach bar - Restaurant
Yannis:Wanna start your day dancing? No problem! Party starts at 16:00 at Tropicana and it's going WILD there! 😈
Image - Niko's Taverna
Niko's Taverna
Yannis:Niko's Taverna is one of the oldest Tavernas at Mykonos town, traditional Greek food you are going to love! 🍴🇬🇷
Image - Taverna Marco Polo
Taverna Marco Polo
Yannis:Amazing Greek Food there, the scenery of the place by night is very romantic as well, if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend go for a dinner there! 🍷🍷
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  1. horseland mykonos
  2. Mycocoon Hostel Mykonos
  3. Cavo Tagoo Mykonos
  4. Skandinavian Bar - Disco - Club | Nightlife
  5. Scorpios
  6. Cavo Paradiso
  7. nice n easy
  8. Tropicana Beach bar - Restaurant
  9. Niko's Taverna
  10. Taverna Marco Polo

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