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Mykonos Guide

Hey there! Welcome to my Mykonos Travel Guide! These are some of my recommendations what you should see or where to eat in Mykonos. I hope you enjoy it! 💙

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Where To Eat

These are some of my favourite restaurants and cafes in Mykonos.

Image - Kastro's Restaurant
Kastro's Restaurant
Lena:Cute cafe with an awesome view of the sea!
Image - Mamalouka - Eat Local
Mamalouka - Eat Local
Lena:Pretty restaurant with really good food
Image - HealthyLicious
Lena:Really delish healthy food!
Image - Lalala Mykonos
Lalala Mykonos
Lena:Perfect breakfast place!
Image - Sea Satin by Gryparis
Sea Satin by Gryparis
Lena:Really good restaurant for dinner! Nice view of the sea 💙
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My Recommendations

Image - 180º Sunset Bar
180º Sunset Bar
Lena:Really nice sunset spot
Image - Old Town Mikonos
Old Town Mikonos
Lena:I can only recommend visiting the old town in Mykonos. There are some really cute tiny shops and cafes!

Wonderguide map

  1. Kastro's Restaurant
  2. Mamalouka - Eat Local
  3. HealthyLicious
  4. Lalala Mykonos
  5. Sea Satin by Gryparis
  6. Karavaki Restaurant
  7. Full Day Boat Trip To Tinos Island From Mykonos
  8. 180º Sunset Bar
  9. Old Town Mikonos

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