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Teel Warren

My Queer Austin

Hello! I'm so glad you're here. I created this list to keep track of all of my favorite queer-owned and operated businesses/experiences/ and people in Austin! Of course, this list is nowhere near complete and I'd love to hear your suggestions!

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A list of queer-owned/friendly places to shop around Austin!

Image - The Little Gay Shop
The Little Gay Shop
Teel:Incredible little store that features tonnnss of queer apparel, books, magnets, pins, etc! They also host tons of monthly events such as Queer markets, single nights, "Gays with Clay", and more!
Image - Madhu Chocolate
Madhu Chocolate
Teel:I have gotten their chocolates before as gifts, but they are INCREDIBLE! Queer and POC-owned!
Image - BookWoman
Teel:Great little queer-owned and friendly book shop! Go here for all your queer and feminist book needs/wants!
Image - Flavnt Streetwear
Flavnt Streetwear
Teel:Trans/queer owned and operated apparel business! They also donate part of their proceeds to top surgery funds!
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A list of queer-owned/friendly barbershops & salons in & around Austin!

Image - The Barbashop
The Barbashop
Teel:If you're looking for a queer-friendly space to get your haircut, consider checking this place out! My go-to guy is Jordan Chandler (@jordanchandlerhair), but I've also gotten my hair cut by Nick Sanchez(nickcutzhair). If you're specifically looking to get your haircut by a queer trans-non binary person, then check out Ru! (@queerfriendlybarber). He's usually booked out a month or so though! So get in early!
Image - Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty
Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty
Teel:If you're looking for a more 'upscale' salon experience, then check out Janet St. Paul studio! Janet and her wife run and operate this salon in the heart of Downtown Austin!
Image - Proud People Barber Botanica
Proud People Barber Botanica
Teel:I haven't personally been here yet, but my sibling-in-law got themselves a fresh fade here and I believe a queer/trans/non-binary person runs this shop!

Queer Help

A list of queer-owned/friendly orgs in & around Austin that provide gender affirming care or help to members of the LGBTQ+ community!

Image - Kind Clinic Austin — Koenig
Kind Clinic Austin — Koenig
Teel:If you're looking for a great organization that offers FREE gender affirming care, HIV + STI testing, and more--then look no further than the Kind Clinic. They have various locations throughout Austin.
Image - Out Youth
Out Youth
Teel:These folks help youth and adults with gender affirming care, support groups, food & hygiene programs, and even mental health support.
Image - Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre
Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre
Teel:I went here personally for my top surgery and had a great experience! They don't necessarily cater to queer/trans folks, but Dr Reid is double board certified in top surgery. I decided to go here because I didn't have insurance and they run off of an informed-consent model (no dr's note needed)
Image - Crane Center
Crane Center
Teel:I know lots of folks have found help through the Crane Center's work with top surgery, other gender affirming surgeries, and HRT. Last I checked, the did require insurance and a DRs note for all surgeries.
Image - LUXE Brow + Lash
LUXE Brow + Lash
Teel:I haven't been here personally, but I know some folks who have gone to her to get their nipples retouched/3D tattooed! Queer and Trans friendly.


A list of queer-owned/friendly bars & restaurants around Austin!

Image - Cheer Up Charlies
Cheer Up Charlies
Teel:Amazing queer/lesbian owned bar in Austin! They have a huge stage outdoors and ample amount of space. Also, all their cocktails are vegan (and actually delicious!) My go-to is the Rosie Cheek! This space used to be dubbed Austin's go-to "lesbian bar", but has now morphed more into an all-inclusive Queer space. Follow them and look out for amazing drag performances, DJs, and the annual Dyke March!
Image - Grizzelda's
Teel:Be sure and pop in here for their happy hour specials!


A list of queer-owned/friendly sports orgs and fitness groups throughout Austin

Image - OutFitness
Teel:Sydney runs this amazing queer run/friendly workout group in Austin. Follow them on Instagram to connect and keep an eye out for some free group workout sessions!
Image - Liberation Barbell Club
Liberation Barbell Club
Teel:I haven't personally been here yet, but I hear it's a great place for all folks to get into fitness and feel safe as a queer person!
Image - Minx + Muse
Minx + Muse
Teel:Witchy and sexy vibes here! If you're looking to get into burlesque, pole, or esoerotic movement then this is the place. Queer friendly, body positive, and inclusive.

Wonderguide map

  1. The Little Gay Shop
  2. Madhu Chocolate
  3. BookWoman
  4. Flavnt Streetwear
  5. The Barbashop
  6. Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty
  7. Proud People Barber Botanica
  8. Kind Clinic Austin — Koenig
  9. Out Youth
  10. Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre
  11. Crane Center
  12. LUXE Brow + Lash
  13. Cheer Up Charlies
  14. Grizzelda's
  15. OutFitness
  16. Liberation Barbell Club
  17. Minx + Muse

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