My guide to North of Iceland

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Helen Ármannsdóttir

My guide to North of Iceland

Welcome to our lovely apartment. We hope you will have a great stay in our town, Akureyri. Below we have listed a few activities, mostly guided tours which we recommend during your stay. We believe these can enhance your experience while in Iceland.

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Day tours from Akureyri

Find your adventures up North!

Image - Beer Spa 1
$ 128
The Beer Spa
Helen:A great experience with the best local brewery, also very nice food and beer tasting.
Image - Akureyri Classic Whale Watching Tour_27176
$ 93
Akureyri Classic Whale Watching Tour
Helen:Great whale watching in Eyjafjordur fjord, don't have to travel far for great viewings.
Image - Family Rafting (West)_10487
$ 128
Family Rafting (West)
Helen:Really nice family fun!
Image - Whitewater Action (East)_30139
$ 192
Whitewater Action (East)
Helen:Not for the faint of heart, perfect for adventure seeking travellers :)
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North Iceland

What to do, where to eat and the best tours and experiences in the northern region of Iceland

My Recommendations

Image - Hrísey
Image - Baccalá Bar / Ektafiskur
Baccalá Bar / Ektafiskur
Helen:Nice food and hot tubs

Wonderguide map

  1. The Beer Spa
  2. Family Rafting (West)
  3. Whitewater Action (East)
  4. Hrísey
  5. Baccalá Bar / Ektafiskur

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