My favorite places in Nicaragua

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My favorite places in Nicaragua

A list of my favorite places, experiences and restaurants in Nicaragua, where I have been living for almost 3 years!

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Spectacular landscapes, beautiful beaches, volcanoes and countless attractive destinations little explored! My very favorite in Nicaragua!

Image - Cathedral-Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Cathedral-Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Camilla:My absolute favorite church in Nicaragua. You can climb on the roof and from the top of the roof, you will have one of the best views of the city of León. You can see other churches and the majestic volcanoes.
Image - Reserva Natural Isla Juan Venado
Reserva Natural Isla Juan Venado
Camilla:Juan Venado Island is an environmental treasure, an ideal place for all those who love the outdoors. Here you can sail on a boat, discover a mangrove forest and spot several species of birds, crocodiles, iguanas and other wetland creatures.
Camilla:If you find yourself in Leon, you HAVE to try one of the most delicious and cheapest dishes of the city, the Nicaraguan (well, better said, Leonese) style tacos. You can eat here or order to-go. Only 35 cordobas for each taco, served with local cream and repollo salad. Yum!
Image - Mercado Central
Mercado Central
Camilla:This is the central market, located right behind the Cathedral. You should definitely experience this popular market and get to know the hustle and bustle of Nicaraguan daily life. Here you can by local veggies and fruit (yes, delicious fruit), but also typical drinks, food (meals) and sweets. Try a "fresco de cacao" or a "cebada" to drink!
Image - Playa Poneloya
Playa Poneloya
Camilla:Poneloya is a unique beach with dark sand. A perfect option if you want to get away from the city and enjoy some sun and waves, but also some shade under a palm tree...
Image - Kiss Me
Kiss Me
Camilla:Delicious ice-cream, super cozy location! Try the "amigos con derecho" flavour!
Image - Las Peñitas, Nicaragua
Las Peñitas, Nicaragua
Camilla:Las Peñitas beach is a another beautiful beach, perfect for a long walk while watching the sun dipping into the ocean or for a morning jog!
Image - Ruben Dario Registry Museum
Ruben Dario Registry Museum
Camilla:Rubén Darío was the most famous poet in Nicaragua! His personal belongings are kept inside one of the houses where the poet lived for 14 years, in the colonial city of León. No ticket is needed to visit.
Image - Ortíz Foundation Art Center - Gurdián
Ortíz Foundation Art Center - Gurdián
Camilla:Here you'll find works of great masters of the Baroque and Renaissance. The collection, spread across two buildings and surrounding greenery-filled courtyards, includes works by Picasso, Chagall, Miró and a number of noted Nicaraguan artists.
Image - Bigfoot Hostel & Volcano Boarding
Bigfoot Hostel & Volcano Boarding
Camilla:Are you looking for some adrenaline?! This is it, then. Volcano Boarding! First, you'll hike up the volcano with a group of travelers or locals, you'll experience beautiful views and then you'll slide down the side of this incredible slope. León-Nicaragua is the only place in the world you can slide down the side of an active volcano. Although volcano boarding is not for the faint of heart, it is a thrilling once in a lifetime experience!
Image - Museum of Traditions and Legends
Museum of Traditions and Legends
Camilla:Cute little museum, here you can find out more about the traditional myths and legends. You'll see a huge Gigantona and some representations of "la llorona", "arrechavala", "padre sin cabeza" etc!
Image - Coco Calala
Coco Calala
Camilla:Amazing food, vegetarian burgers and many delicious breakfast bowls, prepared with fresh, colorful and local products! They have a swimming pool and a few rooms to host lazy people who don't want to leave... it's a little heaven right in the city centre.
Image - Asados Pelibuey
Asados Pelibuey
Camilla:Typical food (delicious asados) and drinks prepared here, you can eat in or order to go. Get prepared to stand in line during peak hours!
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Corn Islands


Image - Corn Island Dive Center
Corn Island Dive Center
Camilla:While I don't have personal experience with this Dive Center, I have heard such good things about them from close friends. Definitely my top choice if I ever decide to go diving!
Image - Corn Islands
Corn Islands
Camilla:Corn Island is an absolute paradise, rightly one of the favorite destinations in Nicaragua. White beaches, turquoise water and warm weather, nice people!
Image - Little Corn Beach and Bungalow
Little Corn Beach and Bungalow
Camilla:Conveniently located in Little Corn Island, it has nice and clean cabins! Atmosphere was chilled, lots of backpackers!
Image - Tranquilo Cafe
Tranquilo Cafe
Camilla:Food is nice and not too expensive, atmosphere is lovely, especially when they have live music or bonfires!
Image - La Princesa de la Isla
La Princesa de la Isla
Camilla:Authentic Italian restaurant, specializing in fresh fish and seafood fresh fresh fresh! Food is just delicious, and owners are just so nice! Recommended for a romantic date!
Image - Three Brothers
Three Brothers
Camilla:Another option to sleep in Little Corn Island for cheap. You can get a bed in a dorm (about 7$) or private rooms. Owners are very nice, atmosphere is relaxed, kitchen is big and well equipped.
Image - Yemaya Island Hideaway
Yemaya Island Hideaway
Camilla:This is THE place if you ever decide to splurge! Rooms are just a dream, but of course a bit more pricey than most accomodations in Corn Island. You can enter the Yemaya beach without staying at the hotel - this is a plus!
Image - Maris restaurant
Maris restaurant
Camilla:Cheapest lobster I have ever had! Rondon is also something to try!

Granada, Masaya Area + Apoyo

A colonial city and the surrounding areas!

Image - Hostal De Boca en Boca
Hostal De Boca en Boca
Camilla:Nice hostel, very cozy atmosphere with loads of local hammocks to chill on. Nice staff. Lovely place!
Image - Islets of Granada
Islets of Granada
Camilla:You can sail around all these small islands (more than 3 hundreds)! Some of the stunning properties are rentable, so you can treat yourself and stay there for a few night. Kayaking around is also super fun!
Image - Mombacho Volcano National Preserve
Mombacho Volcano National Preserve
Camilla:Mombacho reserve is a spectacular place, offering countless activities, including one of my favorites: spotting animals, birds, lizards in their natural habitats! Mothernature at its finest!
Image - Central Park Of Granada
Central Park Of Granada
Camilla:Take a stroll in the park, a couple of pictures in front of this colonial cathedral are a must!
Image - La Calzada
La Calzada
Camilla:Five hundred meters full of flavor, color, rhythm, Nicaraguan essence and diversity. Here you can find anything you are craving for: national and Irish beers to hot chocolate, Jamaican flower liquor, the best in steaks, and even some pretty good italian pizza!
Image - Iglesia La Merced
Iglesia La Merced
Camilla:One of the many pretty churches in Nicaragua that can be visited. Right next to De Boca en Boca hostel. Climb the bell tower, where you can take some breath-taking photos and panoramic views of the city!
Image - Cathedral of Granada
Cathedral of Granada
Camilla:The beautiful Cathedral of Mary of the Immaculate Conception, emblem of Granada, has many tragic stories, of which she has been able to remain beautiful.
Image - La Polvora Fortress
La Polvora Fortress
Camilla:Located at the end of Calle Real. A very nice view of Granada, Lake Nicaragua and Mombacho Volcano. There's a small museum inside, but honeslty... the view is the main thing here!
Image - Apoyo Lagoon
Apoyo Lagoon
Camilla:If you are looking for an adventure at low cost, dare to visit the Laguna de Apoyo with your friends! You can chill, enjoy nature and a cool dip in the lake. You can rent a canoa and wander around!
Image - Mombacho
Camilla:Climb up the Mombacho. The view wont' let you down!
Image - Masaya Volcano
Masaya Volcano
Camilla:You can visit the Masaya volcano to see the lava of an active volcano... you have to go through an organized tour from Granada, they will offer you transport up to the top and back to Granada city center!
Image - Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa
Camilla:Love this place, nice pizza and nice atmosphere. What else do you need?
Image - Pizzeria La Terraza
Pizzeria La Terraza
Camilla:I was craving for some Italian pizza and I found La Terrazza! I was not disappointed :)
Image - Restaurante Comidas Típicas y más...
Restaurante Comidas Típicas y más...
Camilla:A good option if you want to eat some typical food right in La Calzada. Be aware though, this is not the cheapest option for this kind of food!
Image - Cultural Center Old Craft Market
Cultural Center Old Craft Market
Camilla:It is an interesting place to get Nicaraguan handmade souvenirs and enjoy folkloric shows, you can also find drinks and typical food, or snacks. Try raspados!


Image - Waterhole
Camilla:You can relax under the shade of the rainforest and bathe in volcanic water, sipping some fresh coconut water.
Image - Waterfall of San Ramón
Waterfall of San Ramón
Camilla:Very nice place, nature is impressive, many wild flowers, birds and animals just living their life in their habitat.
Image - Concepción
Camilla:Hiking to the top is not for beginners, nor for faint hearted but it can be done within 6 hours. Make sure to bring enough water (the second part is quite difficult as there is no shade nor trees), and some snacks. The view is impressive, one of the best I have seen in my life. You should leave in the morning to try to avoid clouds covering the top of the volcano.
Image - el pital Ometepe
el pital Ometepe
Camilla:I stopped here for a batido, while taking a motorbike ride around the islands. They have some nice drinks and sell handmade chocolate. They also give you a brief tour in the choco lab and explain you how they process chocolate. The location is very wild and authentic. Lots of mosquitos though!
Image - Hostel Life is Good
Hostel Life is Good
Camilla:I loved this hostel. Dorms are nice, they provide with towels which is always a plus. The owners are a Slovakian couple, very very nice, they will do their best to make your stay pleasant. They also recommend where to rent scooters/quads/motorbikes (they actually call the people for you and motorbike will be brought for you to the hostel). Pretty serious people! The food is amazing, they cook some exotic dishes that are mindblowing!
Image - Maderas
Camilla:Maderas volcano has prepared an incredible adventure for everyone that can not be missed, Climbing Maderas volcano is one of the unforgettable experiences in which you can enjoy its beautiful landscapes and excellent view of the island and the lake, it is the best experience that someone can take from Ometepe
Image - Playa Santo Domingo
Playa Santo Domingo
Camilla:Warm and shallow water, this beach is pretty wild. Nice for a sunset dip in the lake!

Wonderguide map

  1. Cathedral-Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  2. Reserva Natural Isla Juan Venado
  4. Mercado Central
  5. Playa Poneloya
  6. Kiss Me
  7. Las Peñitas, Nicaragua
  8. Ruben Dario Registry Museum
  9. Ortíz Foundation Art Center - Gurdián
  10. Bigfoot Hostel & Volcano Boarding
  11. Museum of Traditions and Legends
  12. Coco Calala
  13. Asados Pelibuey
  14. Corn Island Dive Center
  15. Corn Islands
  16. Little Corn Beach and Bungalow
  17. Tranquilo Cafe
  18. La Princesa de la Isla
  19. Three Brothers
  20. Yemaya Island Hideaway
  21. Maris restaurant
  22. Hostal De Boca en Boca
  23. Islets of Granada
  24. Mombacho Volcano National Preserve
  25. Central Park Of Granada
  26. La Calzada
  27. Iglesia La Merced
  28. Cathedral of Granada
  29. La Polvora Fortress
  30. Apoyo Lagoon
  31. Mombacho
  32. Masaya Volcano
  33. Mona Lisa
  34. Pizzeria La Terraza
  35. Restaurante Comidas Típicas y más...
  36. Cultural Center Old Craft Market
  37. Waterhole
  38. Waterfall of San Ramón
  39. Concepción
  40. el pital Ometepe
  41. Hostel Life is Good
  42. Maderas
  43. Playa Santo Domingo

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