My Barcelona guide!

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My Barcelona guide!

Everything you need to know about traveling Barcelona

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Classic sightseeing highlights

The places you have to see first!

Image - Sagrada Família
Sagrada Família
Patrick:No visit to Barcelona is completely without visiting the Sagrada familia
Image - Mirador de Colom
Mirador de Colom
Patrick:The best view of the city
Image - Park Güell
Park Güell
Patrick:Another favorite in Barcelona you shouldn't miss
Image - Ciutadella Park
Ciutadella Park
Patrick:Don't miss the beautiful fountain in the park
Image - Barcelona Zoo
Barcelona Zoo
Patrick:Especially if you're visiting with kids, this might be a fun activity
Image - Montjuïc Castle
Montjuïc Castle
Patrick:Get up the mountain for incredible views
Image - Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya
Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya
Patrick:I didn't visit the museum from the inside, but the cascades and gardens in front of it are worth a visit
Image - Casa Batlló
Casa Batlló
Patrick:A must visit for Gaudi fans
Image - Casa Milà
Casa Milà
Patrick:Another famous attraction if you're interested in Gaudi
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Plazas & Quarters

A few areas in Barcelona you might enjoy

Image - Plaça de Catalunya
Plaça de Catalunya
Patrick:One of Barcelona's central squares
Image - Travelade Image
La Rambla
Patrick:Barcelona's most famous shopping street
Image - Mercado de La Boqueria
Mercado de La Boqueria
Patrick:For food lovers a must
Image - Barceloneta Beach
Barceloneta Beach
Patrick:Barcelona's city beach

Best tours & day excursions

Explore more of the area!

Image - Private Tour - Montserrat Mountain_551511
$ 332
Private Tour - Montserrat Mountain
Patrick:Just outside of the city, you'll find the famous Montserrat
Image - Andorra
Patrick:You can even visit the small state of Andorra for a day or two
Image - Tibidabo
Patrick:Just outside of the city, with great views
Image - Costa Brava Full Day Tour_40805
$ 88
Costa Brava Full Day Tour
Patrick:Explore more of Costa Brava
Image - Girona
Patrick:You reach Girona easily by train or bus

Wonderguide map

  1. Sagrada Família
  2. Mirador de Colom
  3. Park Güell
  4. Ciutadella Park
  5. Barcelona Zoo
  6. Montjuïc Castle
  7. Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya
  8. Casa Batlló
  9. Casa Milà
  10. Plaça de Catalunya
  11. La Rambla
  12. Mercado de La Boqueria
  13. Barceloneta Beach
  14. Private Tour - Montserrat Mountain
  15. Andorra
  16. Tibidabo
  17. Costa Brava Full Day Tour
  18. Girona

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