Munich - where wonderful things hide

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Munich - where wonderful things hide

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Image - Olympiapark
Giulia:Go and stroll around, have a currywurst, take geometric pictures among the architectural wonders made by Otto Frei. But, most of all, take a boat and have relax - put yourself in the game and learn how to move a boat!
Image - Endless Staircase
Endless Staircase
Giulia:Stunning and strange, a pure architectural weirdo, to take very particular pics. All for free, obviously!
Image - Candidplatz
Giulia:Go down to the tube station and... You'll find yourself in the middle of a rainbow ­čîł
Image - Botanical Garden Munich-Nymphenburg
Botanical Garden Munich-Nymphenburg
Giulia:I never spent 5.50ÔéČ in a better way! A quiet break from the city, every type of plants and flowers, you can take stunning pictures, see plants without bees or other animals (ahahaha) and feel like in a green fairytale!
Image - Juristische Bibliothek
Juristische Bibliothek
Giulia:I am wordless, this wonder hides good. Go inside the rathaus like you work there. The building seems like Hogwarts. Every day between 16.30 and 16.40 you can visit for free this mesmerizing library!
Image - Schlachthof
Giulia:A super strange place, an hidden square where abandoned trains and buses lie and get spraypainted by artists. So undergroundish and grunge.
Image - G├Ârreshof Wirtshaus
G├Ârreshof Wirtshaus
Giulia:Perfect bavarian dinner, perfect leberkase, a lot of beer, a warm atmosphere and a perfect bill!
Image - Cafe Glockenspiel GmbH
Cafe Glockenspiel GmbH
Giulia:Go up by a rose charming Staircase, get a table by the window and taste a perfect brunch on the top of Marienplatz!
Image - Hofgarten
Giulia:In the Dianatemple there is always someone playing piano - the very charming garden turns into a dreamy fairytale place.
Image - MS Utting on bridge Lagerhausstrasse
MS Utting on bridge Lagerhausstrasse
Giulia:Did you ever get a coffee in a boat which lies on trainlines? Sail in a new experience!
Image - M├╝ller'sches Volksbad
M├╝ller'sches Volksbad
Giulia:Oh my God, an "accidentally Wes Anderson" location where you can bath and relax. Spend 4.80ÔéČ and get into a place that looks like without time, like a Sorrentino movie.
Image - Business Campus M├╝nchen : Garching
Business Campus M├╝nchen : Garching
Giulia:Did you know? Here you can literally slide from third etage to ground. Unique experience!
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Wonderguide map

  1. Olympiapark
  2. Endless Staircase
  3. Candidplatz
  4. Botanical Garden Munich-Nymphenburg
  5. Juristische Bibliothek
  6. Schlachthof
  7. G├Ârreshof Wirtshaus
  8. Cafe Glockenspiel GmbH
  9. Hofgarten
  10. MS Utting on bridge Lagerhausstrasse
  11. M├╝ller'sches Volksbad
  12. Business Campus M├╝nchen : Garching

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