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Mt Baker Photography

Do not miss the BEST National Forest in all of the US!

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My Recommendations

Image - Nooksack Falls
Nooksack Falls
Adam:Amazing waterfall with minimal hike required.
Image - Picture Lake
Picture Lake
Adam:Best place for sunrise, but beautiful any time of day!
Image - Mt Baker Visitor Center
Mt Baker Visitor Center
Adam:Stop in on your way for maps, distances, and inspiration.
Image - Artist Point
Artist Point
Adam:360 degrees of exceptional mountain views.
Image - Bagley Lakes Loop
Bagley Lakes Loop
Adam:A reasonable-length loop trail that delivers you to beautiful alpine lakes.
Image - Ptarmigan Ridge
Ptarmigan Ridge
Adam:A 45 minute walk to the top of the mountain; the best views in all of the park!
Image - Silver Fir Campground
Silver Fir Campground
Adam:The best option for camping in the area!
Image - Heather Meadows
Heather Meadows
Adam:Beautiful summer-only trail through sprawling meadows set against beautiful mountainscapes.
Image - Wells Creek
Wells Creek
Adam:Many waterfalls run along here, though most are difficult to access.
Image - Travelade Image
Galena Chain Lakes
Adam:A very lengthy but beautiful hike for those who have the time!
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Wonderguide map

  1. Nooksack Falls
  2. Picture Lake
  3. Mt Baker Visitor Center
  4. Artist Point
  5. Bagley Lakes Loop
  6. Ptarmigan Ridge
  7. Silver Fir Campground
  8. Heather Meadows
  9. Wells Creek
  10. Galena Chain Lakes

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