Montreal the hear of French Canada

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Montreal the hear of French Canada

The heart of French Canada

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Image - Régine Café
Régine Café
Nuri:Visited Regine on a weekday afternoon. I was given the option of a table, but chose to sit at the bar. I was welcomed with a complimentary juice and was described the specials of the day. The poutine was excellent. Spicy chorizo sausage, aged cheddar, onions, mixed with home-made fries and gravy. Large and delicious portion! Definitely worth the visit! bon brunch
Image - Saint Sushi Duluth
Saint Sushi Duluth
Nuri:We found this restaurant online after typing in gluten-free sushi in Montréal. We decided to try Saint Sushi after reading good reviews. We went on a Saturday evening around 6pm and they had availability for us, despite not having a reservation. We sat up at the bar but it was great as we could watch the sushi being prepared - which was great to see! The waitress was so friendly and accommodating of my gluten-free needs and recommended us some great dishes - I would recommend the Bob Marley! The sushi was so fresh, the sauces it came with were delicious and the presentation was like a work of art! I would 100% recommend!
Image - Beaver Lake
Beaver Lake
Nuri:After a stressed day this park is the best place in Montreal to relax and to be focused for new challenges.
Image - Damas
Nuri:We were recommended to try this restaurant by some work friends. We started off the night by waiting for about 20 minutes for our table to be ready when we had a reservation. This place looks very nice and the food is decent. For the price we paid for our meals + drinks we would not go back. I don't mind a high price for quality food but this place doesn't have the price/quaility factor.
Image - Arepera
Nuri:I went there for my birthday and it was a fantastic time. The food was exquisite and the waitress who served us made the full dinner experience one to remember (Veronique). We had the 7 service dinner and it was more than sufficient for each of us. The different options from foie gras, scallops or veal were all right on point and we will definitely come back to this gem of restaurant
Image - Jardin Nelson
Jardin Nelson
Nuri:Outstanding seven course sitting. The pictures of the small plates tell the story of this smaller neighborhood restaurant. Equally impressive was the staff, they delivered each course with delight and thoroughly explained each offering. A truly delightful dining experience, make time to discover and you will be very happy that you did.
Image - Tam tams Montreal
Tam tams Montreal
Nuri:The symbol of the Montreal .Don't leave Montreal before visiting this symbol
Image - Punjab Palace Restaurant
Punjab Palace Restaurant
Nuri:his restaurant near a residential area and close to the subway offers a chance to taste excellent food at a reasonable price. Off the beaten path and worth the detour.
Image - L'Escalier
Nuri:Went with friends. Quiet. Excellent food. A bit expensive still but quality was superior. could not go back with a larger group. We had easy parking on the street. Will go back for fine french cuisine outside dowtown area.
Image - Dieu du Ciel!
Dieu du Ciel!
Nuri:We had a fab dinner here. Great service and excellent cuisine which I had totally hoped for after hearing such great things about Montreal. Thanks for not disappointing on our only night here!
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  2. Saint Sushi Duluth
  3. Beaver Lake
  4. Damas
  5. Arepera
  6. Jardin Nelson
  7. Tam tams Montreal
  8. Punjab Palace Restaurant
  9. L'Escalier
  10. Dieu du Ciel!

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