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The city to visite if you are interested in nature

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Image - Troll Church
Troll Church
Henrik:It is a beatuiful hike that is not the far to walk, with 3 caves to go exploring.
Image - Glass Resturant - Bar
Glass Resturant - Bar
Henrik:Amazing food and not to expencive to eat
Image - Varden, Panorama View, Molde
Varden, Panorama View, Molde
Henrik:From here you can see amazing nature, with the possibility to drive up. Not to far to walk either.
Image - Skaret biathlon
Skaret biathlon
Henrik:Not far from Molde city center. Wonderful place to go on ski in the winter or hiking in the summer.
Image - Rød Bare Blå
Rød Bare Blå
Henrik:The place where people go out in Molde
Image - Travelade Image
Atlantic Ocean Road
Henrik:A very nice road that really gets you close to the ocean. Would recomend going here on windy days.
Image - Aker Stadium
Aker Stadium
Henrik:Where Molde footbal club plays their home games.
Image - Scandic Seilet
Scandic Seilet
Henrik:Probably the hotel in Molde with the best view
Image - Midsund
Henrik:Walk on the mountain of Misund to get a wonderful view both in to the fjord of Molde and out to the ocean.
Image - Moldevatnet
Henrik:Nature is very close to Molde. Walk from the city center and out in the nature in order to get a wonderful experience.
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Wonderguide map

  1. Troll Church
  2. Glass Resturant - Bar
  3. Varden, Panorama View, Molde
  4. Skaret biathlon
  5. Rød Bare Blå
  6. Atlantic Ocean Road
  7. Aker Stadium
  8. Scandic Seilet
  9. Midsund
  10. Moldevatnet

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