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Mladen Pilipović

Mini Villa Romance

Hi dear guests, thank you for choosing mini villa Romance for your holiday. If you wander what can you do, where to eat or what to visit, here are my recommendations.

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Here are some great restaurants. Most of them are in Zadar, place you have to visit.

Image - Harbor CookHouse & Club
Harbor CookHouse & Club
Mladen:This place has a beautiful terrace from which you can see old peninsula. Food is excellent, especially stake! 2min from city center.
Image - Pet Bunara
Pet Bunara
Mladen:Cozy little place in the old part of the town where you can eat dishes from domestic seasonal groceries.
Image - 4 Kantuna
4 Kantuna
Mladen:This place has the great pizza but other dishes are excellent too, like Dalmatian sashimi (risotto) and veal in every variation.
Image - Restaurant Nostalgie
Restaurant Nostalgie
Mladen:If you want to try original Pizza Napoletana - this is the place for you.
Image - Groppo
Mladen:Great restaurant near the cathedral.
Image - Maškovića han Vrana
Maškovića han Vrana
Mladen:Excellent restaurant in 17th century han - you have to try traditional oriental dishes.
Image - Art Kavana
Art Kavana
Mladen:The best cakes in Zadar
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Local culture

If you are into culture, these are the places you cannot miss.

Image - Zadar
Mladen:2000y old city with 3000y old tradition hides so many secrets. Ut's 5th biggest city in Croatia. Most famous by medieval St. Donatus church and Sea Organ sound instalation.
Image - Benkovac
Mladen:Smaller city near Zadar with rich history, beautiful center and local museum and also traditional trade fair every 10th of the month.
Image - Nin
Mladen:Charming little place with rich 3000 years old history. Few Croatian kings ruled Croatia from Nin so we call it Royal City Nin.
Image - Pag
Mladen:Pag is the biggest city on island Pag. Whole city was built in 16th century, time of Renaissance. It's known by great lamb, cheese and unique lace.
Image - Utvrda Kličevica
Utvrda Kličevica
Mladen:16th century fortress - border between Venetian republic and Ottoman Empire. Today great picnic location.
Image - Asseria
Mladen:Archaeological site - it was the city from prehistoric period.
Image - Maškovića han Vrana
Maškovića han Vrana
Mladen:Stunning oriental architecture from Ottoman period with museum, rooms and excellent restaurant that offers Turkish specialties.

Natural beauties

Croatia has beautiful nature and some of the most beautiful sights are near Raštane.

Image - Vrana Lake - ornithological reserve
Vrana Lake - ornithological reserve
Mladen:Biggest lake in Croatia, it's also ornithological site and protected as park of nature.
Image - Vidikovac, Kamenjak
Vidikovac, Kamenjak
Mladen:From peak Kamenjak you have the most beautiful view on the Lake Vrana, Adriatic sea and the islands.
Image - Kornati
Mladen:One hour of boat riding and you come to the paradise with crystal clear blue sea and mostly not populated islands.
Image - Plitvice Lakes National Park
Plitvice Lakes National Park
Mladen:The oldest National Park in Croatia and the most famous one. 16 lakes connected with breathtaking waterfalls.
Image - Krka National Park
Krka National Park
Mladen:Beautiful National park - karst river with several waterfalls. I recommend visit off season because it can be overcrowded.
Image - Izvor rijeke Bijele
Izvor rijeke Bijele
Mladen:River Bijela is a hidden treasure of Zadar region. Not many people visit or know about it, but it's breathtaking.
Image - Zrmanja
Mladen:Another crystal clear karst river. This one is great for rafting.
Image - Paklenica National Park
Paklenica National Park
Mladen:Great place for hiking and rock climbing. Beautiful nature, clear air and fresh drinkable water during the whole way.

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Wonderguide map

  1. Harbor CookHouse & Club
  2. Pet Bunara
  3. 4 Kantuna
  4. Restaurant Nostalgie
  5. Groppo
  6. Maškovića han Vrana
  7. Art Kavana
  8. Zadar
  9. Benkovac
  10. Nin
  11. Pag
  12. Utvrda Kličevica
  13. Asseria
  14. Maškovića han Vrana
  15. Vrana Lake - ornithological reserve
  16. Vidikovac, Kamenjak
  17. Kornati
  18. Plitvice Lakes National Park
  19. Krka National Park
  20. Izvor rijeke Bijele
  21. Zrmanja
  22. Paklenica National Park

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