Miami for best friends

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Greta Kuliusaite

Miami for best friends

My recommendations for your trip to Miami 💕🌸

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My Recommendations

Image - The Palms Hotel & Spa
The Palms Hotel & Spa
Greta:our hotel, would absolutely recommend.
Image - Miami Helicopter Inc
Miami Helicopter Inc
Greta:breathtaking experience
Image - Jet Ski Miami
Jet Ski Miami
Greta:probably my favourite activity
Image - Travelade Image
Ocean Drive
Image - Key West
Key West
Greta:the southernmost point of the us
Image - America Car Rental
America Car Rental
Greta:100% recommend renting a car
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Wonderguide map

  1. Miami Seaquarium
  2. The Palms Hotel & Spa
  3. Miami Helicopter Inc
  4. Jet Ski Miami
  5. Ocean Drive
  6. Key West
  7. America Car Rental
  8. Lincoln Road Mall
  9. 1 Hotel South Beach
  10. Miami Parasail

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