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Playa del Carmen & Cancun

I lived in Mexico for 5 Months and mostly have been in the area of Playa del Carmen and Cancun. I also been in places like Holbox or Tulum there will be individual Travel Guides for them. If you would like to have your trip organized for Mexico or join an exclusive trip check out

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Brunch / Coffee / Waffles

Places for breakfast, waffles & coffee

Image - La Cueva del Chango
La Cueva del Chango
Colin:This place is really famous for its breakfast. Make sure you do your reservation during busy season or pass by in the morning and reserve a spot at a time available. They have Mexican breakfast options
Image - Chez Céline
Chez Céline
Colin:This place has brought the french breakfast vibe to Mexico and the concept is totally functioning. Also worth to visit especially for brunch otherwise to enjoy a desert and coffee
Image - Marley Coffee
Marley Coffee
Colin:There is no other place as cozy as this one. If you need a coffee break or some stress release this is the place to go. Brought the reggae spirit into a coffee shop
Image - Mr Waffle Delicias
Mr Waffle Delicias
Colin:This place has a little of everything from breakfast options to waffles to burgers and so on... Worth a visit but not for the location just the food
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Restaurants & Beachbars

My favorite spots summarized for you to choose and try out for yourself

Image - Rockas Jamaican Kitchen
Rockas Jamaican Kitchen
Colin:As half Jamaican living in Playa del Carmen for 4 almost 4 months I craved Jamaican food after a while. A local friend recommended Rockas and it was love at first bite. The jerk chicken was amazing and Rasta Pasta become one of my favorite dishes in my life. The food is authentic and the owners are the friendliest always looking out for there guest. If you want jerk chicken make sure you reserve some a day ahead especially if you plan to visit in a group.
Image - La Famiglia
La Famiglia
Colin:If you enter the restaurant it gives you this unique family business vibe. I have been in Italy a lot and this place in playa del carmen just exceeded all expectations definitely like eating in Italy and I got addicted to the pizza. Also the staff / hospitality is 10 out of 10.
Image - Divina Carne
Divina Carne
Colin:I you like meat this is the place2be. They have an all you can eat option where they bring different types of meat to your table all the time. In addition you have unlimited buffet access (drinks are excluded). The restaurant is really luxurios and the service is top notch. They never let you wait miss something and you are treated like royalty. Also the cocktails have been awesome and they have a huge selection of different liquors & wines.
Image - Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Cancún
Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Cancún
Colin:A friend recommended this place 2 me and I believe it is an international chain. Anyways if you like shrimps especially fried shrimps this is the place 2 be. Not the healthiest food but extra tasty :)
Image - Funky Geisha Cancún
Funky Geisha Cancún
Colin:If you visit Mexico remember the group called Rosa Negra. It is an organization with multiple restaurants like rosanegra itself, taboo, ora and in this case Funky Geisha, which was right next to Chambao. What I loved about it we had the choice to order from Chambao or Funky Geisha and could even mix it up. The location and design is a 12 out of 10 also there was a show in between. Also cocktails and food are amazing. It is expensive especially for Mexican prices but so worth it.
Image - La Parrilla Cancún
La Parrilla Cancún
Colin:La parilla is a huge chain, which offers Mexican food. I must say there are better places if you just want to go for the food, but the vibe in there is worth the visit. La parilla has a few very good dishes and the service is excellent. Also the serve you drings transported on their heads. There is a desert with like a little fire show I can't remember the name but you can ask for it. If you are a group and want to have a good dinner in Mexican style this is a good place. But it is known as a touristic spot so if you want the real authentic Mexican experience this is not the place.
Image - El Fogon
El Fogon
Colin:El Fogon is the place to be for authentic mexican food. We went there are a lot and it is also a place where locals go. For dinner the place is always crowded, so you might have to wait a little until a table gets free. The most famous meat is called al pastor, which is pork meat and really tasty. There are a lot of alternatives as originally it is made with beef. There is much more then tacos and the prices are really cheap compared to other places.
Image - Milos
Colin:This greek place also had some amazing dishes. If you like greek food this is a really good place also with healthy options. We like everything except for the hummus as it did not taste like hummus. Good thing is it is near to the beach and has a small cute area to sit outside.
Image - Pelicanos
Colin:My favorite place to enjoy a lovely breakfast at the beach. Food was amazing, view was amazing only critic are tables, chairs etc. not the prettiest but what can you expect directly at the beach? A must visit for sure! Also after you can can rent a sun chair for a fair price all day long.
Image - Fusion Beach Bar Cuisine
Fusion Beach Bar Cuisine
Colin:The picture shown above is not accurate at all, but fusion beach bar is the place2be. The drinks and food are much more expensive there then other places, but you will understand why. There is always music in the evenings live music followed by a fire show at night. Also different kind of artists ask to perform at the beach and it is just a whole vibe there. Grab a drink and see for yourself:) Also it is the only spot I know which serves hookah (shisha) at the beach.
Image - Toscana Grill
Toscana Grill
Colin:Another Italian place I really liked. Sometimes there was live music, has a little romantic dinner light vibe but also a nice place to enjoy with friends. I had one of the best spaghetti carbonaras ever there and also all my friends have been more than satisfied.
Image - Don Chendo
Don Chendo
Colin:If you never had chicago style pizza you will love this. Also the appetizers are amazing. Make sure you are hungry the portions are huge (typically american)

Sweet Temptations

Gelatos / Ice Cream / Waffles / Churros...

Image - Suerte De Churro
Suerte De Churro
Colin:This place has amazing churros and different churros options. The original ones or filled with chocolate and so on. Don't let it become an addiction :P Remark: It is for take away not really much space to sit anywhere
Image - Amorino
Colin:Worldwide known gelatos and they are delicous! They also offer milkshakes at some spots waffles and other sweet delicious things.

Health (Gym & Food)

It is all about balance so here a few places for your health.

Image - 100% Natural Playa del Carmen
100% Natural Playa del Carmen
Colin:The picture is not accurate but if you are down for a healthy meal this is a place you will find it and enjoy it.
Image - Peace & Bowl.
Peace & Bowl.
Colin:If you like healthy bowls, avocado toast and dishes like that this is the place to go to.
Image - Green & fit
Green & fit
Colin:This place is right next to the evolve gym and gives you just the right meal or shake after a good workout. Also an option without going to the gym of course.
Image - Evolve Gym 5th Ave. Playa Del Carmen
Evolve Gym 5th Ave. Playa Del Carmen
Colin:My absolut favorite indoor gym in playa del carmen. If you want to workout with good equipment and feel like being in an actual gym this is it!
Image - Coco Gym Beach
Coco Gym Beach
Colin:There is an outdoor gym right at the beach with different courses like muay-thai,Yoga, boxing, HIT Trainings etc. For the gym you can buy a one time entry or get a whole week deal and the courses have different prices and options.

Tours & Activities

This are all trips & Tours I recommend (during the day)

Image - Cozumel
Colin:Cozumel is an island near to Playa del Carmen.It is famous for the resort near where the ocean has perfect color and you are able to see sea stars and other things. Also you can rent a scooter and cruise around the island.
Image - Cenote Diving And Snorkeling Experiences
Cenote Diving And Snorkeling Experiences
Colin:We will for sure visit cenotes, however if you are interested in Scuba Diving through the cenotes this would be an extra activity, which of course can be organized.
Image - Chichén-Itzá
Colin:This is one of the world wonders (chichen itza), which can be visited however it is far out so this will cost you a full day.
Image - Tequila Factory
Tequila Factory
Colin:There are a lot of tequilla offers but only few actually how the tequilla gets fabricated. Most of them will offer you free tequilla as tasting and in the end try to sell you bottles.
Image - Wheelie Trails ATV Jungle Tours
Wheelie Trails ATV Jungle Tours
Colin:This was fun and a lot of adrenaline. If you are planning to do this make sure you bring the right equipment with you. I had open sunglasses, which meant after 15 minutes I was half blind. I will tell you what to take with you on the bucket list. The tour includes 2 guides through the jungle with ATV's and multiple stopping options at cenotes.


This is a list of all the restaurants I loved

Image - Martina Beach Club
Martina Beach Club
Colin:Martina Beach Club is a lovely way to spend a day at the beach in style. Sometimes there are events & beach parties and on other days it is just amazing to chill, sunbath cool down in the pool or ocean, watch the beautiful dancers and enjoy the music.
Image - Coralina Daylight Club
Coralina Daylight Club
Colin:This place is way to over prized to just spend a day and chill, but if it comes to party at the beach this is the place 2 go to. The problem is you need to know when there really is a party. I guess on Saturdays you are always safe.
Image - Mandala Beach Club
Mandala Beach Club
Colin:Mandala Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Cancun. It is really crowded but you can grab your towel few drinks and chill there at the beach. The other option is to enter the beach club, but there is a dress code and minimum consumption table reservation necessary. The music however is awesome and sometimes they have huge parties.


Beaches to sunbath, relax and enjoy life

Image - Playa Delfines
Playa Delfines
Colin:This beach is perfect to enjoy a day at the beach in the hotel zone. You can reach it by car or bus. Make sure you arrive early as this spot is well known. There is no restaurant or beachclub near so make sure you bring your own food, drinks, music etc. There is one store about 5-10min walk to get an ice box & drinks. There are also guys walking through the beach offering snacks and drinks but inform yourself of the prices first otherwise you will get screwed.
Image - Isla Blanca
Isla Blanca
Colin:This beach is far away near to a few hotel resorts and the rest is only nature. If you want a day at the beach and feel like lost this is the place to go to. There is absolutely nothing near so make sure you bring your stuff with you. If you are lucky there is like a little restaurant depending on where you settle but if you walk further you will find nothing near. Remark: There will be a lot of seaweed at the beach probably as it is all nature and nobody is cleaning it.
Image - Puerto Morelos
Puerto Morelos
Colin:Puerto Morelos is also a really lovely place and famous for its seafood. You will see a lot of little phishing boats and it is a really charming village along the beach with bars, restaurants and places to just relax.
Image - Playa Akumal
Playa Akumal
Colin:Also further out in direction Tulum you will find Akumal Beach, which is only worth a visit if you plan to do a whole beach day. They have a small entry fee and a lot of offerings like Kayak, Snorkeling (Turtles), windsurfing, massages etc. The bay is really nice and totally worth the visit you can also combine it with the cenotes visit.


All about parties & drinking

Image - Tequila Barrel
Tequila Barrel
Colin:During daytime it is just a normal bar but at night it is a grace place to party. If you are into Hip Hop Music this is the place for it to turn up, dance and have a good time. Remark: People who dance on the bar get a free tequilla shot
Image - Mandala Playa del Carmen
Mandala Playa del Carmen
Colin:Mandala is the biggest club in playa del carmen, but it is in premium segment and mostly table reservation is needed. The Music is Open Format, but we always had a great time there
Image - Santino
Colin:This photo is from the bar during the day, but during night there is a whole club upstairs including a rooftop. They have Open Format on one floor and rooftop depends. Main focus is house/techno music.
Image - La Embajada
La Embajada
Colin:This is the place for reggeaton music where also a lot of locals go to visit. The location is really special not like a normal club, which makes it interesting.
Image - Clandestino
Colin:This place has an amazing location and you could also eat there and grab a few drinks. I loved to party here as no table reservation is needed, location is amazing and music also.
Image - Coco Bongo
Coco Bongo
Colin:There is a Coco Bongo in Playa del Carmen as in Cancun. The one in Cancun is much bigger. It is a huge show that turns into a party and a one time experience.
Image - Señor Frog's | Cancún
Señor Frog's | Cancún
Colin:The senor frogs in Playa del Carmen was a bit lame. You have overpriced drinks a funny service team and some good music. The senor frogs in Cancun however was one huge party in the end and worth a visit if you do not want to spend to much money like in the other clubs at the strip.

Wonderguide map

  1. La Cueva del Chango
  2. Chez Céline
  3. Marley Coffee
  4. Mr Waffle Delicias
  5. Playa Delfines
  6. Rockas Jamaican Kitchen
  7. La Famiglia
  8. Divina Carne
  9. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Cancún
  10. Funky Geisha Cancún
  11. La Parrilla Cancún
  12. El Fogon
  13. Milos
  14. Pelicanos
  15. Fusion Beach Bar Cuisine
  16. Toscana Grill
  17. Don Chendo
  18. Suerte De Churro
  19. Amorino
  20. 100% Natural Playa del Carmen
  21. Peace & Bowl.
  22. Green & fit
  23. Evolve Gym 5th Ave. Playa Del Carmen
  24. Coco Gym Beach
  25. Suerte De Churro
  26. Cozumel
  27. Cenote Diving And Snorkeling Experiences
  28. Chichén-Itzá
  29. Tequila Factory
  30. Wheelie Trails ATV Jungle Tours
  31. Martina Beach Club
  32. Coralina Daylight Club
  33. Mandala Beach Club
  34. Playa Delfines
  35. Isla Blanca
  36. Puerto Morelos
  37. Playa Akumal
  38. Tequila Barrel
  39. Mandala Playa del Carmen
  40. Santino
  41. La Embajada
  42. Clandestino
  43. Coco Bongo
  44. Señor Frog's | Cancún

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