Melbourne/Australia - 13 week long internship + 1 month of travelling

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Elias Mertens

Melbourne/Australia - 13 week long internship + 1 month of travelling

During my internship in Melbourne, I am mostly working or writing on my master thesis. However, I try to go out from time to time and visit the amazing nature that Australia has to offer. Luckily, I am going up north in June to the East Coast and travel from Byron Bay to Port Douglas!

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Image - Great Ocean Road
Great Ocean Road
Elias:I road the Great Ocean Road with my pushbike and it was definitely one of the coolest things I have ever done! My adventure started in Warrnembool and went all the way to Geelong. I did it in three days with overnight stays in Port Campbell (nice hostel) and Apollo Bay. Both Warrnembool and Geelong are easy to go to by train so I can only recommend it to do it yourself!
Image - Bells Beach
Bells Beach
Elias:I arrived at Bells Beach during the last day of the Rip Pro Curl Surf competition and was lucky to witness the apparently the largest swells in 40 years. It is truly a magical place and really worth visiting!
Image - Port Campbell National Park
Port Campbell National Park
Elias:The national park is really a beautiful place except for the tourism. I was lucky enough to do lots of stops during my trip and their a definitely places with a similar view but when you are all alone!
Image - Lorne
Image - Apollo Bay
Apollo Bay
Elias:I was really lucky to sea a dolphin swimming and jumping with the waves at Apollo Bay, amazing!
Image - Hobart
Image - Bruny Island
Bruny Island
Image - Port Arthur
Port Arthur
Image - Mount Wellington
Mount Wellington
Elias:Definitely one of my favorite spots to see the sunrise! But be careful when riding up the hill because the animals are still being very active as it is still a little dark.
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  1. Great Ocean Road
  2. Bells Beach
  3. Port Campbell National Park
  4. Lorne
  5. Apollo Bay
  6. Phillip Island
  7. Hobart
  8. Bruny Island
  9. Port Arthur
  10. Mount Wellington

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