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Fitzroy & Collingwood

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Fitzroy & Collingwood

A hop step and jump... or tram ride from the city centre

Image - Easey's
Sally:Imagine eating your burger perched up top in an old converted train carriage! Book ahead to ensure you are in the train.
Image - Gelato Messina Fitzroy
Gelato Messina Fitzroy
Sally:After your burger at Easey's walk along Smith Street visiting retro shops before choosing from a wide variety of unique ice creams. Enjoy watching ice cream being made onsite.
Image - Easey Street
Easey Street
Sally:Check out the lane way graffiti, especially the kangaroo skeleton
Image - The Kodiak Club
The Kodiak Club
Sally:Pull up a seat at the bar and order the hot wings and bacon infused whisky
Image - Le Bon Ton
Le Bon Ton
Sally:Meat platters and dark corners, perfect on a cold winter day.
Image - The Horn African Cafe & Restaurant
The Horn African Cafe & Restaurant
Sally:Injera bread - if you haven't tried this delicious soda bread on a huge platter with curry; and eaten with your hands, give it a go!
Image - Vegie Bar
Vegie Bar
Sally:Totally vegetarian and totally delicious. Always busy but quick and cheapish.
Image - The Rose Street Artists’ Market
The Rose Street Artists’ Market
Sally:From mahjong rings to stamp necklaces, this market is unique and always changing. Good coffee nearby too
Image - Breakfast Thieves
Breakfast Thieves
Sally:Nice little cafe with good coffee.

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  1. Easey's
  2. Gelato Messina Fitzroy
  3. Easey Street
  4. The Kodiak Club
  5. Le Bon Ton
  6. The Horn African Cafe & Restaurant
  7. Vegie Bar
  8. The Rose Street Artists’ Market
  9. Breakfast Thieves
  10. Industry Beans

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