Mekong Delta Discovery

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Duoc Nguyen

Mekong Delta Discovery

Wandering Mekong Delta to explore the blending culture!!!

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Image - Alden Travel
Alden Travel
Duoc:Alden Travel is located in Chau Doc City, An Giang, VN. They creates unforgetable experience in Mekong Delta. If you love countryside tours, cruising along river, canals or explore the scenic sunset from mountain top, Alden Travel is your best choice!
Image - Tra Su Cajuput Forest
Tra Su Cajuput Forest
Duoc: Endowed with almost-untouched natural beauty and sanctuary of flora and fauna, Tra Su Cajuput Forest is the most ideal spot in Southern Vietnam. Visiting Khmer village with ancient pagoda and traditional weaving brocades, rowing dinghies through cajuputs cannels with fragrance of flowers and the music sound of birds makes travelers not want to leave.
Image - Chau Doc Market
Chau Doc Market
Duoc: Situated near the Bassac three Rivers Crossing, colorful with fruits and vegetables and busy with food vendors, Chau Doc Market represents a slice of life in the Mekong Delta, is an important trading hub for the surrounding countryside. Once settled in and feeling refreshed, set off on foot to this market, you'll found it's well worth trip to explore.
Image - Tuc Dup Hill
Tuc Dup Hill
Duoc: Relaxing time passing the large rice paddies to the ethnic Khmer village and its cloister to explore the significance of Buddhism in public, unwind yourself at Tra Su bird sanctuary full of duckweed by dinghes before crepting in deep caves inside two-million dollar Hill to explore the secret base during the wars.
Image - Bảy Núi
Bảy Núi
Duoc: Imposingly placed at about 710 meters with fascinating natural environment with flowers all year round, verdant century-old trees, Cam Mountain is the most grandiose peak, attractive pilgrimage and ideal spiritual tourism destinations in Southern Vietnam. Besides wonderful scenes and diverse attractions on top, travellers will learn lots of association legends and myths.
Image - វត្តភ្នំតាបា - Chùa Tà Pạ
វត្តភ្នំតាបា - Chùa Tà Pạ
Duoc: Ta Pa, a 120-meter hill in Tri Ton District, lures tourists due to its magnificent and romantic landscapes. The high spot here is a crystal blue lake surrounded by weird-shaped rocks. Ta Pa is more beautiful with the most colorful ancient Khmer Pagoda echoing in the tranquil surroundings. Coming here, travelers will sense they are getting lost in ancient Athens.
Image - Núi Sam
Núi Sam
Duoc: Reward yourself with an admirable cocktail at stunning gazebo on Sam Mountain wating for spectacular sunset, watching the immense colorful rice paddy, mountain and forest nearby after visiting historical relic sites at the mountain foot: Tay An ancient pagoda, Lady Xu Temple, Thoai Ngoc Hau tomb and enjoying the panorama view at the city’s rooftop.
Image - Làng Chăm Châu Phong
Làng Chăm Châu Phong
Duoc: Discover the fascinating winding waterways where life is governed by the ebb and flow of Vietnam’s most iconic river. Visit floating market to see how fruits, vegetables are sold en mass, experience life of traders and farmers on floating fish farms, visit hidden Cham Village to hear story of idyllic people, their culture, their well-known weaving products….
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  1. Alden Travel
  2. Tra Su Cajuput Forest
  3. Chau Doc Market
  4. Tuc Dup Hill
  5. Bảy Núi
  6. វត្តភ្នំតាបា - Chùa Tà Pạ
  7. Núi Sam
  8. Làng Chăm Châu Phong

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