Medellín Dopeness

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Aninda Chowdhury

Medellín Dopeness

Medellín! The city of eternal spring. I could definitely see myself living here for a year. Amazing culture, history, nature, and shit to do. Okay food tbh but my favorite city in Colombia. Enjoy!

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Eats and Drinks

Image - Carmen
Aninda:Probably the best fine dining you can get in Colombia (we tried a few places). If you splurge at one place do it here.
Image - BBC Provenza
BBC Provenza
Aninda:Nice tap house in Poblado. Great for drinking in the early evening before getting dinner or going out
Image - Restaurante La Gloria de Gloria
Restaurante La Gloria de Gloria
Aninda:Get the bandeja paisa. It's a traditional "kitchen sink" dish of the Paisa region/culture, that is the people of the Medellín. They serve up this insanely big chicharrones.
Image - Café Zorba
Café Zorba
Aninda:Low key fucking amazing pizza. I'd compare it to some of the best slices I've had in New York.
Image - 3 Cordilleras
3 Cordilleras
Aninda:Go here if you wanna check out a brewery in Medellín and get a brewery tour.
Image - Restaurante Mondongo's La 70
Restaurante Mondongo's La 70
Aninda:I would go here for a Sunday brunch. Big tradition on Sundays in Colombia is for families to hang out together. So you'll get to see that. Honestly I don't find typical Colombian food to be that flavorful but this is pretty good on that scale. Get the Cañón en champiñones. It's a creamy mushroom sauce over a pork steak with plantains, avo, and rice.
Image - Envy Roof Top
Envy Roof Top
Aninda:Dope rooftop bar in Poblado. At the top of the trendy Charlee Hotel
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Must Dos

Image - Real City Tours
Real City Tours
Aninda:This is one of the last things I did in Medellín. I would do this first. I usually don't recommend "walking tours" but this is actually good. The guides are highly educated, speak good English, and give you a good background/history of Medellín + Colombia. Another perk is they knock out a lot of the landmarks in downtown Medellín (El Centro)
Image - Travelade Image
Parque Lleras
Aninda:It's a nice small park. Good to walk around the daytime. It's also the center of Medellín nightlife. Very upscale
Image - Envigado
Aninda:Check out this neighborhood. Nice parks, mostly locals, has a old Brooklyn vibe. Super safe
Image - Laureles
Aninda:Semi upscale neighborhood with cool bars, cafes, and restaurants. It's just nice to walk around in the evening and get semi-lost.
Image - Comuna 13 Graffiti Tour
Comuna 13 Graffiti Tour
Aninda:I didn't go on this tour because I'm generally skeptical about walking tours. But Sagar highly recommended it to me. You'll see a lot of street art and learn about the dark past of the slums. Wish I went
Image - Debora Arango Cultural Park
Debora Arango Cultural Park
Aninda:Awesome Sunday afternoon activity. The park is next to a big library where people hang out, drink beer, fly kites, and play with their dogs. It's a good vibe. All locals. Sorta like Dolores Park before it got insanely packed
Image - Presidenta Park
Presidenta Park
Aninda:Really nice park to walk around in Poblado. Both day and night
Image - Arví Park Medellin Colombia
Arví Park Medellin Colombia
Aninda:I didn't go here but all the locals I talked to recommended taking the Gondola up here, as well as just taking the Metro. People in Medellín love their public transit, and it's really clean.
Image - Atanasio Girardot Stadium
Atanasio Girardot Stadium
Aninda:I walked around the stadium area but didn't have a chance to catch a game here. It's supposed to be pretty nuts, according to other travelers I talked to.
Image - Joaquín Antonio Uribe Botanical Garden
Joaquín Antonio Uribe Botanical Garden
Aninda:Another place I didn't check out but I hear it's amazing.

Avoid at all costs

Don't do any of these things

Image - Guatapé
Aninda:It's a fake city they built for tourists
Image - Casa Museo Pablo Escobar
Casa Museo Pablo Escobar
Aninda:Escobar is seen as a terrorist here, so not a good look for gringos to go here. Also other tours cover the Escobar in a more objective way
Image - Travelade Image
Pueblito Paisa
Aninda:A fake pueblo built for tourists

Wonderguide map

  1. Carmen
  2. BBC Provenza
  3. Restaurante La Gloria de Gloria
  4. Café Zorba
  5. 3 Cordilleras
  6. Restaurante Mondongo's La 70
  7. Envy Roof Top
  8. Real City Tours
  9. Parque Lleras
  10. Envigado
  11. Laureles
  12. Comuna 13 Graffiti Tour
  13. Debora Arango Cultural Park
  14. Presidenta Park
  15. Arví Park Medellin Colombia
  16. Atanasio Girardot Stadium
  17. Joaquín Antonio Uribe Botanical Garden
  18. Guatapé
  19. Casa Museo Pablo Escobar
  20. Pueblito Paisa

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