Mauritius - A trip in visual paradise

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Ludovic Othello

Mauritius - A trip in visual paradise

A trip through the simple but yet amazing places in Mauritius.

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My Recommendations

Image - Casela World of Adventures
Casela World of Adventures
Ludovic:A great place to go if you love adventure and animals. Just a go-to place for those who have great taste for adventure. From safari to guided tours, everything you might expect from such a place!
Image - Ebony Forest Reserve Chamarel
Ebony Forest Reserve Chamarel
Ludovic:Both a good place for sport activities (if you like hiking) while discovering the endemic side of Mauritius.
Image - La Vanille Nature Park
La Vanille Nature Park
Ludovic:A great place for those who have a love for reptiles.
Image - Pont Naturel
Pont Naturel
Ludovic:A simple yet amazing unique place with a wonderful sight.
Image - Ilot Brocus
Ilot Brocus
Image - Bagatelle
Ludovic:A great place for shopping with a wide variety of shops and brands, with cinema and a food court. Great place to go with family.
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Wonderguide map

  1. Casela World of Adventures
  2. Ebony Forest Reserve Chamarel
  3. La Vanille Nature Park
  4. Pont Naturel
  5. Ilot Brocus
  6. Bagatelle
  7. Seven Colored Earth
  8. Black River Gorges National Park
  9. Eau Bleue Waterfall
  10. Alexandra Falls

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