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Zadar - city with soul

As a local guide I get many questions about my recommendations. So, to make it easier, I give you all my recommendations here. I hope you'll enjoy this wonderful city ;)

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Restaurant recommendations

Where to eat and what to eat in Zadar? Don't worry, I'll tell you.

Image - 4 Kantuna
4 Kantuna
Matea:Excellent pizza and other local dishes.
Image - Pet Bunara
Pet Bunara
Matea:Food prepared with seasonal groceries.
Image - Konoba Kamen
Konoba Kamen
Matea:Traditional rustic restaurant (konoba) with traditional local dishes.
Image - Foša
Matea:Fish restaurant.
Image - Pizzeria O'Hara Zadar
Pizzeria O'Hara Zadar
Matea:Most unique pizza in Zadar.
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Zadar has few beautiful beaches, but, the most beautiful ones are outside of the city.

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Wonderguide map

  1. 4 Kantuna
  2. Pet Bunara
  3. Konoba Kamen
  4. Foša
  5. Pizzeria O'Hara Zadar
  6. plaža uskok zadar
  7. Sakarun
  8. Veli Žal Plaža
  9. Lighthouse Veli Rat
  10. beach Zaton HR
  11. Punta Bajlo Beach
  12. Plaža Punta Skala
  13. Kraljičina plaža

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