Mas de Barberans, the perfect spot on vegetal fibres and olives of the Mediterean

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kurt moeyersons

Mas de Barberans, the perfect spot on vegetal fibres and olives of the Mediterean

... Enjoy some fantastic views, weaving course / workshop experiences, trekking of all levels, temporary exhibitions on vegetal fibres and related contemporary traditions, deliceous foods and "the" festival...

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Image - Your Handy Guide to Spanish Meals
Your Handy Guide to Spanish Meals
kurt:... always useful tasting another "kitchen"...
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My favorite restaurants

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Image - Mario Restaurante
Mario Restaurante
kurt:... really good Mediterean food and very friendly people... for vegetarians, especially try ""Calçots" and "Escalivada"
Image - Restaurant Lo Racó
Restaurant Lo Racó
kurt:... very good Mediterean food en friendly people...

My Recommendations

Image - Mas de Barberans
Mas de Barberans
kurt:.... When you hike into the mountains, don't forget to take enough water with you and coverage for the sun.
Image - Piscina Municipal del Mas de Barberans
Piscina Municipal del Mas de Barberans
kurt:.... for only 3 euro a day, from 1100hr-2000hr, during summertime, it's a pleasure to be able to dive into the swimming pool to cool down...
Image - Ayuntamiento de Mas de Barberans
Ayuntamiento de Mas de Barberans
kurt:... for all information on the village, very willing and kindly people will help you out..
Image - Pauma’s Museum
Pauma’s Museum
kurt:... If you want to see a demonstration on how palm was traditionally worked, you can visit the Pauma Museum or join weavery workshops at different levels, as well as enjoy temporary exhibitions of pieces made of vegetable fibre which combine tradition and contemporary traits. One of the most unique monographic fairs in Catalonia takes place in the village during the first weekend of August, "La Fira de les Fibres Végétales" The streets of Mas de Barberans are packed with people from all over the world who work with vegetable fibres. A true festival of know-how: tradition, art and design.An International contribution / participation of artisans demonstrating there related skills and there products on an artisanal market. (more on
Image - La Vall de Silvestre
La Vall de Silvestre
kurt:...during your visit, this is a very cosy place to stay for the night..
Image - Mercadona
kurt:... before reaching the mountains, it's always useful to increase your necessary suplies😉
Image - Estación de servicio Cepsa
Estación de servicio Cepsa
kurt:... Very good service!
Image - Mirador dels Tossals
Mirador dels Tossals
kurt:.... Amaizing view... on olives and mountains...
Image - Castell de l'Airosa
Castell de l'Airosa
kurt:... a beautiful hike into the mountains to discover and reach the highest local point...5 km of climbing... an amazing view is "waiting" on you. Be careful and respect nature, you're entering la reserva national

Wonderguide map

  1. Mario Restaurante
  2. Restaurant Lo Racó
  3. Mas de Barberans
  4. Piscina Municipal del Mas de Barberans
  5. Ayuntamiento de Mas de Barberans
  6. Pauma’s Museum
  7. La Vall de Silvestre
  8. Mercadona
  9. Estación de servicio Cepsa
  10. Mirador dels Tossals
  11. Castell de l'Airosa

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