The Best of Marrickville

Wonderguide by

Belinda Blooman

The Best of Marrickville

BB's guide to the best of Marrickville for Lucy & Skell. (but there's so much more for your to add as you discover the hood yourselves...)

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My Recommendations

Image - Feather and Bone Providore
Feather and Bone Providore
Belinda:The best organic butcher in Sydney. Open Saturdays. Not cheap, but worth is! They also have amazing buffalo mozzarella.
Image - Two Providores
Two Providores
Belinda:Mainly wholesale - but they do sometimes open on Saturdays to regular customers. Really good deals on cheeses, crackers, salumi, pasta etc... worth joining their mailing list to see when they open.
Image - Faros Seafood Marrickville
Faros Seafood Marrickville
Belinda:Faros is open 7 days and is like having a real fish market in Marrickille. Really good prices and super fresh.
Image - Marrickville Organic Food Market
Marrickville Organic Food Market
Belinda:Every Sunday 8-3 - fantastic organic food market. Also have a great 2nd hand clothes stall & 2nd hand books, a chai tent and lots of food stalls.
Image - Black Forest Smokehouse
Black Forest Smokehouse
Belinda:Really Good Xmas Ham - Weekdays & Cash only.
Image - Lamia Super Deli
Lamia Super Deli
Belinda:The best Greek Deli. Great Olives, cheeses & breads. It been there 100 years! Amazing!!!
Image - Thai Hung Supermarket
Thai Hung Supermarket
Belinda:Good Asian Market with cheap fruit & veg.
Image - Hello Auntie Marrickville
Hello Auntie Marrickville
Belinda:Really good Vietnamese food.
Image - ALEX ‘N’ ROLLS
Belinda:The BEST Bahn Mi - they do a slow roast pork roll and the chicken roll is also amazing.
Image - Hung Cheung Restaurant
Hung Cheung Restaurant
Belinda:Good YUM CHA if you don't feel like going into chinatown or to Hurstville.
Image - Pepito's
Belinda:New very cool Peruvian place with a huge choice of tequila cocktails.
Image - Two Chaps
Two Chaps
Belinda:Great vegetarian / vegan cafe. Super busy on weekends. They also do amazing dinners with a set menu.
Image - Pizza Madre Sydney
Pizza Madre Sydney
Belinda:Really good vegan pizza.
Image - The Henson
The Henson
Belinda:Really good family pub with nice outdoor seating & good food. You can book or drop in.
Image - Illi Hill
Illi Hill
Belinda:Cute Cafe. Good Food.
Image - Ona Sydney
Ona Sydney
Belinda:Serious coffee lovers cafe
Image - Paesanella Cheese
Paesanella Cheese
Belinda:Cafe downstairs BUT upstairs is the DELI. Really good Italian goods including cheeses & meats.
Image - The Vic On The Park
The Vic On The Park
Belinda:An icon of the hood.
Image - The Marrickville Hotel
The Marrickville Hotel
Belinda:Good pub. Nice vibe here
Image - Where's Nick
Where's Nick
Belinda:Cute Bar on Marrickville Road
Image - Coffee Alchemy
Coffee Alchemy
Belinda:Best Coffee in Sydney.They sell coffees & you can buy your freshly roasted beans here too.
Image - Poor Toms Gin Hall
Poor Toms Gin Hall
Belinda:This is the heart of Poor Toms so all about the gin. Located in an industrial area. It's kinda cool to swing by on the way home.
Image - Batch Brewing Company
Batch Brewing Company
Belinda:Really good brewery/bar.
Image - The Grifter Brewing Co.
The Grifter Brewing Co.
Belinda:Our Local Brewery. The nicest to hang out in.
Image - Sauce Brewing Co
Sauce Brewing Co
Belinda:Another good Marrickville Brewery. Good Beer Garden.
Image - Philter Brewing
Philter Brewing
Belinda:The newest brewery in the hood. Really cool space.
Image - Wildflower Brewing & Blending
Wildflower Brewing & Blending
Belinda:Very cool space but the beer is wierd. Tastes like wine. A must try tho'.
Image - Gelato Franco
Gelato Franco
Belinda:Boutique home made gelato.
Image - Matinee Coffee
Matinee Coffee
Belinda:Lovely cafe. Spacious and breezy. Strange menu but you can always find something good.
Image - Stix Catering
Stix Catering
Belinda:Really good patisserie & cafe food.
Image - West Juliett
West Juliett
Belinda:Closer to Newtown, good menu, nice vibe. A bit noisy inside so try to sit outside.
Image - Roastville Coffee Roasters
Roastville Coffee Roasters
Belinda:Another very good cafe
Image - Hellenic Patisserie and Gelato Bar
Hellenic Patisserie and Gelato Bar
Belinda:Really good Greek Breads, biscuits, cakes
Image - Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre
Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre
Belinda:There's a good Woolworths, Aldi, Kmart, Priceline +++ and a very good fruit & veg shop called Panettas.
Image - Marrickville Library and Pavilion
Marrickville Library and Pavilion
Belinda:Award winning design. A good place to work if you want a break from home.
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Wonderguide map

  1. Feather and Bone Providore
  2. Two Providores
  3. Faros Seafood Marrickville
  4. Marrickville Organic Food Market
  5. Black Forest Smokehouse
  6. Lamia Super Deli
  7. Thai Hung Supermarket
  8. Hello Auntie Marrickville
  10. Hung Cheung Restaurant
  11. Pepito's
  12. Two Chaps
  13. Pizza Madre Sydney
  14. The Henson
  15. Illi Hill
  16. Ona Sydney
  17. Paesanella Cheese
  18. The Vic On The Park
  19. The Marrickville Hotel
  20. Where's Nick
  21. Coffee Alchemy
  22. Poor Toms Gin Hall
  23. Batch Brewing Company
  24. The Grifter Brewing Co.
  25. Sauce Brewing Co
  26. Philter Brewing
  27. Wildflower Brewing & Blending
  28. Gelato Franco
  29. Matinee Coffee
  30. Stix Catering
  31. West Juliett
  32. Roastville Coffee Roasters
  33. Hellenic Patisserie and Gelato Bar
  34. Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre
  35. Marrickville Library and Pavilion

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