Marquelia Guerrero Tourist Guide

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Dulce Maria Rojas Sanchez

Marquelia Guerrero Tourist Guide

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Image - Campamento Tortuguero "El Lobo Marino"
Campamento Tortuguero "El Lobo Marino"
Dulce Maria Rojas Sanchez:It is a place with a beautiful view, and the staff is very friendly to assist tourists.
Image - Arribadero de las tortugas
Arribadero de las tortugas
Dulce Maria Rojas Sanchez:They prepare delicious meals and provide excellent service.
Image - Ojo de Agua, Las Salinas.
Ojo de Agua, Las Salinas.
Dulce Maria Rojas Sanchez:The view is wonderful and you will find delicious drinks
Image - Aquetzalli Club de Playa
Aquetzalli Club de Playa
Dulce Maria Rojas Sanchez:They have nice facilities with a view of the sea
Image - Restaurante Anahi
Restaurante Anahi
Dulce Maria Rojas Sanchez:I like this beach very much because it is very nice to walk along its shore
Image - Cabañas Arrecife Marquelia - Eco Hotel-Restaurante-Cafeteria
Cabañas Arrecife Marquelia - Eco Hotel-Restaurante-Cafeteria
Dulce Maria Rojas Sanchez:Spending the sunset at this hotel is like having a vacation
Image - Empresas Mahumar
Empresas Mahumar
Dulce Maria Rojas Sanchez:The best place to relax, it has a swimming pool
Image - Zaramullo
Dulce Maria Rojas Sanchez:The service is very good and they have an excellent music environment
Image - Restaurant La Guitarra
Restaurant La Guitarra
Dulce Maria Rojas Sanchez:Very pleasant to spend time with the family
Image - Cabaña Don Lucho
Cabaña Don Lucho
Dulce Maria Rojas Sanchez:Your cabin is very large and very cool
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  1. Campamento Tortuguero "El Lobo Marino"
  2. Arribadero de las tortugas
  3. Ojo de Agua, Las Salinas.
  4. Aquetzalli Club de Playa
  5. Restaurante Anahi
  6. Cabañas Arrecife Marquelia - Eco Hotel-Restaurante-Cafeteria
  7. Empresas Mahumar
  8. Zaramullo
  9. Restaurant La Guitarra
  10. Cabaña Don Lucho

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