My Marrakech

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Helga Valfells

My Marrakech

Travelled to Marrakech in June 2019. This is my guide to the things I enjoyed, I left out the things that were less enjoyable. On the whole an exciting and exotic city that is only 3.5 hours from London. Both the weather and the people were warm.

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Image - Souk MARKET
Helga:A necessary part of any visit - noisy and touristy but there are some beautiful crafts on offer and bargaining is fun. Sometimes Marrakech Medina (old town) feels like one big Souk
Helga:Great boutique and cafe near the YSL museum. If you get tired of haggling at the souks this store has original Moroccan clothing, jewelry and homeware. Everything is designed in Morocco and feels well designed and less touristy then some of the things you see in the Souk. We did not try the cafe but it looked nice
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Favourite Riads

Image - El Fenn
El Fenn
Helga:Another great Riad. A bit of a rich hippy vibe. El Fenn has a boutique, two plunge pools and a rooftop restaurant that is a great place for breakfast although dinner seems to get mixed reviews. We did not stay for dinner.
Image - L'Hôtel Marrakech
L'Hôtel Marrakech
Helga:Beautiful Riad - amazing service and a tasteful take on Morrocan design. Would stay there again in a heartbeat. Amazing European and Morrocan breakfast that you could enjoy on the roof terrace, in your room or in the very private dining room overlooking the garden. A shady plunge pool in the garden as well as a beautiful sunnier roof terrace - both great places to relax after a day of exploring Morocco.

The Best Restaurants

I tried - others were not as good

Image - Plus61
Helga:Great Australian Moroccan inspired food. My favourite restaurant in Marrakech. It was in the new town and it is great to see that part of Marrakech as well as it has a very different feel to the Medina.
Image - Le Jardin Restaurant
Le Jardin Restaurant
Helga:A quiet restaurant garden in the middle of the Souk - we went there for a nice candle lit dinner - casual, not expensive and very friendly and efficient service. Similar to many places in the Medina, they do not serve alcohol, which makes for a very healthy dinner as freshly made mint lemonade is the health choice.

Thing to see

Historic Sights and Gardens

Image - Bahia Palace - Historical Visits
Bahia Palace - Historical Visits
Helga:A large palace built in the 19th century - again interesting to see the amazing craftsmanship adorning the various parts of the building. It is recomended to go in the early evening so you can enjoy the sun shining through the stained glass.
Image - Le Jardin Secret
Le Jardin Secret
Helga:A recently renovated garden that is filled with purple and green. There is a outdoor cafe where you can enjoy non-alcoholic cocktails or a light lunch. Apparently the garden has a very interesting ancient plumbing system for those interested in the history drainage
Image - Saadien's Tombs
Saadien's Tombs
Helga:Interesting from an architectural and historic point of view. Also interesting to see that it was described in the guide book as a necropolis - city of the dead !
Image - Dar El Bacha Musée Des Confluences
Dar El Bacha Musée Des Confluences
Helga:A small but beautiful museum that is Interesting Architecture and is a relaxing place to appreciate all the different influences on Morrocan Culture
Image - House of Photography in Marrakech
House of Photography in Marrakech
Helga:One of my very favourites. Combines the history of photography with the history of the country . You see the impression that the culture made on photographers visiting the country in the late 19th and early 20th century. Nice roof terrace for lunch and lemonade
Image - Yves Saint Laurent Museum
Yves Saint Laurent Museum
Helga:Great retrospective of YSL work. You can see how much he was influenced by the region. Pro tip if you are going to the Garden next door you can get a combination ticket at the YSL and avoid the cues for the garden. I loved the museum however apart from the Berber museum the garden was not that interesting full of people taking selfies !!

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  1. Souk MARKET
  3. El Fenn
  4. L'Hôtel Marrakech
  5. Plus61
  6. Le Jardin Restaurant
  7. Bahia Palace - Historical Visits
  8. Le Jardin Secret
  9. Saadien's Tombs
  10. Dar El Bacha Musée Des Confluences
  11. House of Photography in Marrakech
  12. Yves Saint Laurent Museum

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